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August 12, 2017 18:08

Perforated sheet steel - where does this exclusive?

Regulatory requirements for trapezoidal sheet

propagating standards GOST 24045-94 steel sheet tightly regulates the requirements under which he can be considered floorings.So, as a starting material for the profiled sheets without paint coatings to be used cold-rolled sheet steel aluminized or coated with alyumotsinkovym.

also GOST admits as a starting material galvanized steel sheet.No indication that the hot-rolled steel sheet may be applied in the production of corrugated board, not to GOST 24045-94 contains.

However, it should be noted that if desired some of the customer companies perforated sheet may be employed as the starting material.However, this exception is rare, as well as those cases where the use checkered sheet steel.

Classification and properties of trapezoidal sheet

sheeting can be classified:

  • to destination;
  • on the source material;
  • by the presence of paint.

in turn shaped sheet steel depending on the application is divided into the following types:

  • for different floor coverings (H);
  • for decking and fencing (HC);
  • fencing (C).

Decking offers significant advantages compared to many traditional materials.It is durable, easy to install, easy, is not sensitive to the effects of the external environment, convenient transportation and it is very well perceived visually.

Throughout the lifetime operating costs are extremely low.Of particular note is his life: service life up to 50 years.Today industry produces many types of corrugated board, which differ in size and corrugated sheet, which you can choose according to their needs in their respective directories.

description of the various types of trapezoidal sheet

Profiled sheet for flooring has proven itself as a roofing and a support material.Due to its high strength it is applied in the construction industry in the construction of a large area of ​​the roof, as well as for the reconstruction of the old one.

applied it in this capacity and the installation of various types of awnings and canopies, as well as in the construction of ceilings on large industrial facilities;indispensable in the construction of stalls, petrol stations, cottages and small cafes.

as carrier material corrugated board has gained popularity due to the high specifications that combine perfectly with the aesthetic properties.Features of certain types of sheeting H-type made possible by the application during the profiling ribs, located on the ridges along the length of corrugated sheeting.

Additional rib gives the material a special strength and makes it possible to use it as a load-bearing structures.With increased strength, bearing decking is mainly used not as a roof, but as a material for the erection of temporary structures, partitions and technical premises.

profile steel sheet as a building material for fences used in the construction of various walls and fences, widely used on construction sites as a portable fence.Very popular sandwich wall panels made from it, have found widespread use made of corrugated permanent formwork.

Steel trapezoidal sheet type HC is versatile and is used both in the construction of the walls, and in the construction of fences.