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August 12, 2017 18:08

Self- assembly of copper pipes or how to approach their difficult character ?

Advantages of copper pipes

Copper has long been known in the development of mankind this metal has played an important role.If you remember, at the dawn of the railways all steam piping system and the first locomotives were made of copper.Copper shine and modern propulsion of ships.There is no secret: copper is non-corrosive.And the simplicity of working with copper leads to the fact that many successfully carried out the installation of copper pipes with their own hands, without resorting to costly specialists.

For obvious advantages of copper, in addition to its high resistance to corrosion, it can be attributed bactericidal.For example, if the installation is carried out as a copper pipe water supply system, then the owner is guaranteed to get rid of effects on the growth of the inner surface of wall deposits characteristic of the steel.

In addition, the device of warm floors is impossible if it is not done laying copper pipes.A special feature is the same low coefficient of thermal expansion of the material and the floor of the pipeline.This important point ensures a long and well-coordinated work of elements of floor heating system eliminates it cracks and damage.

Looking under the hood of a car of quality, it may be noted that the fuel system is made of copper and is often curved rather bizarre way.This is another merit of the copper.Fixing of copper pipes is not too difficult, they are very flexible and easy to take the desired shape.

Contact with a water pipe in the cold will not cause damage typical of steel communications.Incidentally, copper is able to withstand temperature fluctuations from minus to plus a couple hundred degrees!

Disadvantages copper communications

Among the disadvantages of copper pipe, there is insistence to the coolant flow rate in heating systems or water in the water system.Furthermore, it is known from physics of galvanozavisimosti compound i.e.when applying transitional connections must use adapters, neutralizing galvanic effect.

The task well handle special fitting connectors made of stainless steel, brass or bronze.By the way, when installing the system, after the wiring copper pipes downstream movement can not have water pipes made of steel, aluminum or galvanized pipes.

reason is the same.Eliminate possible trouble can install passive anodes.Another quite significant drawback - Copper Road.There's nothing you can do, you have to pay for the quality.Compensation may be the longevity and saving on costly repairs.

Preparing pipes and tools for installation

Tools for mounting copper pipes includes a special pipe cutter, circular saw, a special brush for cleaning places future connections, spring or manual benders (more professional - electric).To ensure a secure connection will need: a device for expanding the ends of the tubes, extractor - expander, special soldering connectors or gas burners for brazing.Be sure to come in handy solders for the soldering soft and firm.

Before starting work, you must perform some training materials.Thus, if the clamps copper pipes are made of steel, they must have a special coating.You can mount through the insulating rubber pads, but it's in the open field will look unaesthetic.

In addition to these works, it is necessary to check the integrity of the pipes themselves.Not allowed breaks, damage, flattened areas, etc.Elements and details of interface should also be correct geometry without manufacturing defects, distortions, residues technological tide, burrs, and so on. All the gaskets are checked in advance on the integrity and the frame size.

Mounting pipe with his hands

prepared the tools and materials to carry out installation work to the layout and cutting of tubes.Marking them should be carried out taking into account the maximum use of each segment.When cutting should pay special attention to correct, clean cut.The edges should be thoroughly cleaned of struzhkovogo burrs.The edges of the cut should be treated by removing the sharp edge on the chamfer, avoid zaovalivaniya (oval-shaped) edge of the pipe.

Laying pipes at installation is being prepared in shtrobirovannye groove through the previously drilled (or made otherwise) holes in pre-assembled designs holders. Keep a minimum distance between the half-meter pipe hot and cold water.

All the twists and turns should be carried out using special fitting connectors and couplers.When soldering plumbing connections is highly undesirable to use leaded solders.

clear idea of ​​the techniques ration provides video, installation of copper pipes then shown in real-time with detailed commentary work.It should also be noted that the gasket is best done discreetly, for which use prepared beforehand recesses, grooves, etc.