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August 12, 2017 18:08

The repaired or assembly foam protect the comfort of home !

The repaired assembly foam - Why is this necessary?

secret of the popularity of this material lies in its composition, as well as in performance.Polyurethane foam is a polyurethane foam sealant whose main components are polyol and isocyanate.Manufacturers also added to the composition of various adjuvants: a blowing agent, a stabilizer, a catalyst, etc.

main characteristics of the foam are: adhesion, output volume, viscosity, primary and secondary expansion.On the composition of the building material is divided into two-component and one-component mixture.In addition, the foam is a professional and home, summer, winter and all-season.

But few know that this versatile material itself requires protection.A devastating effect on the mounting foam have the sun's rays and moisture.Manufacturers do not forget to specify it on the cans with foam.Maybe users and read these guidelines, but do not know what seal the mounting foam.

The solution is simple, foam processing paint, sealant, putty or special materials to avoid future unfortunate consequences.If protection is not done, then it begins to crack and be painted under the influence of moisture and sunlight.

Of course, this process will take time, but it is quite short, about 4 years, and after this time the construction joints on your building will lose its insulating properties.Under the influence of temperature changes, moisture and sunlight porous foam body loses heat conductivity, becausenot hygroscopic and eventually collapses completely.

The protected assembly foam?

Thus, the protection of this material is vital to retain their property, and do not have to make frequent repairs.Before mounting to cover the foam sealant or filler, it is worth trying specially manufactured for this purpose PSUL (pre-compressed sealing tape).

This tape is used to fill irregularities in the doorway when new designs.The old structure is better protected by a waterproof tape diffuse membrane.

In addition, the protection foam made :

  • finishing plaster or putty, it is imperative resistance to low temperatures;
  • solution consisting of cement, sand and white grout;
  • polyurethane sealant;
  • acrylic paint;
  • liquid plastic;
  • window putty and other things.

Before mounting foam putty, you need to prepare tools: knife, mixing container solution, trowel and gloves.

Some practical advice for protection foam

Before plaster mounting foam, it is necessary to cut off the excess dried material on the outside of the window or door blocks, etc .If to be used to protect the filler, the outer seam better enhance a few millimeters if the sealant can restrict cut without recess.The surface of the hardened foam to align.

Many novice masters often wonder what putty assembly foam?As mentioned above, it can be any cold-resistant putty, which is sold in DIY stores.It is sold in the form of a dry blend to be added in the right amount of water to obtain a special solution.

After cooking, it should be applied to the repaired surface and smooth solution.If the filler apply a very thin layer, it can crack when dry, so it is advisable to put the finishing material layer at least 3 mm.

After complete drying of the coating material, the working surface is overwritten with sandpaper or mesh construction to remove rough edges and give the aesthetic appearance of seams.