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August 12, 2017 18:08

Frost resistant tiles - win with cold

freezeproof tile - what is the secret of its properties?

What is the difference between frost resistant tiles that it is isolated in a separate class finishing materials?In fact, only one difference, and it determines the level of frost.The fact is that the usual tile tends to absorb moisture, and the moisture of the longer, the worse the clutch carries the load in the form of frost.Accordingly, it absorbs less moisture, the stronger it will be.

absorption problem was solved with the help of glazing, a process in which the material is coated with a special glazed layer.There is also a special natural materials for outdoor use, which have low porosity, and therefore no special handling are considered a good choice for changeable weather.

Frost resistant tiles - advantages and disadvantages

freezeproof tile has a huge number of positives and negatives insignificant, that of the user is not affected.On the positive side is attributed quite an attractive appearance.

Indeed, this kind of tile is offered in more than 100 color configuration that allows you to choose exactly what you need.The most important plus - of course, the frost.Even in the cold of 40 degrees, it will not burst and will not spoil the appearance of the facade, stairs or anything else.

Also it is scratch resistant and reagents.Even the most common paint spilled on the tiles, easy to wash off it with a cloth, while there will be no stain.The material is easy to make any, even the most intricate form, he does not lose at the same resistance to external stimuli.

Another important factor is the environmental part: tile does not emit harmful substances.Because it may be noted minuses only the price that is slightly higher than on a normal tile, and possible problems with transport, because if you drop the tiles, it is still broken.

main characteristics that should have cold-resistant floor tiles - frost resistance (maximum critical temperature - from +60 to -50 degrees), long operational period, low moisture content and, perhaps, everything.The size of it, most of all - 15x15 cm

How to successfully perform the installation.?

Deciding on the installation, clear the site and make a few simple preparatory work.Installed ceramic tiles frost in much the same way as usual, however, the adhesive also need frost.

The pad should be cleaned from dust, debris and grease (if the finish is carried out in the room).Also, remove any foreign objects that could interfere with your work.Of the tools you'll need a plastic hammer, regular soft cloth measuring at least 20x20 cm drill head "mixer" and all.The very same tile installation process is quite simple.

first step is to mix a paste.This is done in a bucket using a drill and attachment "mixer".The main thing to do everything exactly how the instructions.Floor tiles freezeproof placed as follows: in the farthest corner of the base layer having a thickness of 3-5 mm glue is applied, and then install it on one tile and quite presses.

next tile is placed as well, but beforehand it struts to the previous cell.They give aesthetic seams, because after removing the spacers themselves are obtained perfectly aligned edges.

entire surface laid in this manner, and the remainder or excess adhesive from the tile was removed with a cloth, it is desirable to do it immediately.A day later the spacer can be removed and admire its perfect work performed.