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August 12, 2017 18:08

Liquid wallpaper - the pros and cons , or what is the benefit of this material in the finishing of the walls ?

Liquid wallpaper pros and cons

good consumer characteristics justified mainly by the fact that the liquid wallpaper made exclusively from natural materials.Plus, they have a special microporous structure that allows the coating to "breathe" and ensure the sound and thermal insulation properties.So, let's call highlights:

  • have antistatic, does not attract dirt and dust, in addition, do not absorb odors;
  • absorb moisture vapor permeability, so well suited for application in the kitchen and in the bathroom;
  • not fade for a long time and retain their original appearance;
  • have leveling properties, in some cases, even glue on the base with cracks;
  • provide sound and heat insulation by using a microporous structure, always warm to the touch;
  • meet current standards for fire safety.

liquid wallpaper Benefits outweigh disadvantages, but they also have. First of all, their high cost.Secondly, a long drying.Sometimes it takes 2 to 7 days.Thirdly, quickly scratched.Fourth, often can be washed only with varnish.But, generally, the disadvantages of liquid wallpaper buyers choose not interfere with this material for the repair space.


As already mentioned, this is a blend of all natural ingredients, with a neutral electric charge.Due to this they have antistatic properties and does not collect dust.In this regard, they are used in many kindergartens, hospitals, sanatoriums.

plus a variety of colors to complement their design allows completely different premises.Also popular liquid wallpaper in the interior of apartments and offices.Most often applied liquid wallpaper in the bathroom and in the kitchen.With white and gray to create a business environment, and the orange and green make the house more comfortable.

In some cases, when it is important to make the interior a solemn and beautiful, in the liquid wall is added and gold thread.many people like to mix different colors and shades to create avant-garde designs.But the main thing is not to overdo it.A process of stickers with such colors should carry out highly skilled professionals.

Application of liquid wallpaper

Once you have selected the cover, the question arises - how to apply wallpaper?For this first preparation is carried out under liquid wallpaper walls.The surface is important to remove all dust and other contaminants.It is also necessary to remove the old paint.The areas affected by fungus and mold, to be treated with a special compound.Further, the foundation soil.

Attention!The work should be carried out only at temperatures between + 10 ° C.Otherwise, further coating will dry out badly and unevenly.

A solution of liquid wallpaper by prescription, indicated on the packaging.If there are any dry additives, they are also added to the mixture.All it filled with water and mixed well.As a result, should get a homogeneous mixture without lumps (very similar to the composition of the plaster).Coated with a spatula or the "gun".Drying surface average of 12 to 72 hours.