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August 12, 2017 18:08

House of aerated concrete - master the nuances of construction

Features Aerated

main advantage and feature of this material - the pore-bubbles.They should be placed evenly throughout the area and volume of the material - and this figure is the main parameter determining the quality.For the manufacture of the material used in the heat treatment autoclave sand, cement, lime and water.

Aerated concrete has the following advantages - it is easy, but still very strong.It is also good for sound insulation, has high levels of heat resistance and fire resistance.

There is a huge range of different types and sizes of aerated concrete blocks.This feature allows you to upload the most bizarre forms of walls, conceived by architects.And thanks to the fact that the weight optimally corresponds with the geometrical characteristics of the units, the pace of work and the construction of houses made of concrete blocks is much faster than, for example, made of bricks.And the most important thing is that with all the advantages of its material cost is very democratic.

One of the few drawbacks aerated concrete - due to their ability to "breathe" it accumulates in the pores of a decent amount of moisture over time.This factor leads to a demultiplexing and often to local considerable damage.This means that during the construction should necessarily take into account the good waterproofing material in order to eliminate as much as possible any moisture from entering the pores.

Houses of aerated concrete - where to start?

Houses of aerated concrete blocks - a popular trend today.Share monolithic houses and cottages of aerated concrete, according to experts, is on the market suburban real estate construction about 10-15 percent per year.

Construction of houses from aerated concrete - it's not such a difficult task.Before transgress to work, you need to fill in under the house foundation of the house of aerated concrete on piles that are installed on the depth, always exceeding the depth of soil freezing and the ground.

When the foundation is ready, top of the stack wall of concrete blocks so that between the walls (external and internal) remained an air gap of about 10 centimeters.The gap is filled with expanded clay fractions 5-20 to avoid convection.

Next set of overlapping on wooden beams.It is a beam to tie twice, and ends of the beams are displayed in an air gap, but so that they are not in contact with the wall.Wood rot is less.Chamfer on the outer walls of the blocks.This neatly folded Wall has elegant appearance and does not create problems with the sale in the future.

Construction of concrete blocks - do not forget?

should be double reinforced walls in the course of masonry.We do armpoyasa two on each floor, one of the wooden doorway, the other, therefore, below the window openings.Mill saws a groove depth of 10 mm on the upper surface of the concrete blocks.We put back the valve.

jumpers that above the openings, are performed in the following way: insert between the formwork walls sawn ideal size of a sheet of foam with an exemplary thickness of about 10 cm, it should be pre-flashed across the basalt rods.Peskobeton poured into the void between the shell and set the foam, then laid armature.

Installing roof trusses and going by the classical construction scheme.Is screwed to the wall with long bolts mauerlat.Construction gables carried out in the same way as the other walls, use blocks of thickness 100 and 200 mm.

Decorating the walls is made with special paints that are applied to the vapor-permeable filler.It's worth noting that even in such a cost-effective option, the construction of concrete blocks will give you quite elegant and beautiful home.