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August 12, 2017 18:08

Whitewash zinc - remember school chemistry building for success

Overview material

From the school chemistry many remember that this is just a common name of zinc oxide, but in construction it has a much greater significance.Zinc oxide is used for the manufacture of various non-aqueous paint formulations, and in pigment form - some even in water, for example, silicate paints.They are used for interior work, have a good light and weather resistance.They are marketed in the form of ready-to-use pastes or paints.

white dough must be diluted natural linseed oil varnish or oil, but in any case not varnish Oksol , because Paint film is yellowish.If such a coating will darken, it can be wiped with hydrogen peroxide and white restored.

itself sufficiently reactive zinc oxide is capable of being amfoteren, and hence in acidic and alkaline medium can fully react.Therefore also part paint is reactive and will break down under the influence of the environment if the other components are not passivated oxide contained therein.

Whitewash zinc - characteristic

pure white and is characterized by an absolute white bluish.The purity of this material depends on the purity of the product, which was used for fabrication.They are odorless, are mixed well with an aqueous solution of ammonia and alkali.Well absorb moisture and carbon dioxide from the air, so they should be kept in closed containers.The main advantage is that they do not collapse under the influence of bacteria and microorganisms.Also they are fireproof.

White have a number of positive properties:

  • low toxicity;
  • resistance to light;
  • immutability of sulfur compounds;
  • compatibility with all colors;
  • can be used in all modes of painting.

The negative features include:

  • weak coverage;
  • poor drying on oil;
  • tendency to crack;
  • absorption of large quantities of oil.

dough-like zinc oxide used for the production of coatings for wood, metal, plaster.They are able to retain their protective properties for 1.5 years in temperate climates.

How to work with zinc whitewash?

Before you get started, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves.During the application and after the completion of a well ventilate the room. To prepare the surface for painting , it should be cleaned of dirt, dust, grease and old paint flaking.Next you need to

zashpatlevat defects that are present in the working plane.Then follows these places sanded with sandpaper, putty go again if necessary and re-sanded to give a smooth surface.If it is able to strong absorption, it necessarily proolifit.

After it's all done, you can start coloring.You can use a brush, roller and spray gun.

There are several methods of applying this paint on metal surfaces.

  1. element Immersion in a special container with paint.But this method can be used for touch-up of small details.
  2. Application of white with a brush, a brush on the surface
  3. medium size with a sprayer.Strong currents she paints large surfaces, thus it fits well in tight spaces.

white should be mixed before use.If necessary, they need to be diluted.In the form of an oil paint can be diluted with white spirit, turpentine or thinner for oil paints.If a dough-like white powder, then dilute them with a drying oil in a proportion of 17-28% of the oxide.Apply

they must be evenly.After the first let it dry for about 24 hours at an air temperature of 18-22 ° C.And then paint the second layer.