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August 12, 2017 18:08

Glass wall to the ceiling and the walls - an absolute design

Glass wall to the ceiling - the basis for raznotsvetya

Any expert will tell you that the glass fiber well suited for application to paint them, but what made this decoration material?Oddly enough, really made of glass, but unusual.Melted from quartz sand, dolomite, lime and soda at 1200 degrees, the glass fibers have extraordinary flexibility and durability.As a single-layer and double-layer (with a paper base) fabric moisture resistance, and at the same time excellent "breathing", for the simple reason that is connected as mittens or sweater.And what is especially important - fiberglass does not support combustion, making the likelihood of a fire almost completely eliminated .That is why this material is often used in living rooms and offices, while the glue is equally fiberglass and on the ceiling and on the walls.

pasted on the wall paintings of the glass fibers will survive any childish pranks, they are not afraid of the claws of pets who prefer wall coverings special kittens.Confront fiberglass and smaller pests, such as bacteria and fungi, for which eco-friendly materials are totally unacceptable to the habitat.If you still need the apartment disinfected, for example, in the case of the invasion of ants or bugs, feel free to spray any chemicals, even the most concentrated, glass, they will not hurt.

Glass fiber wall, the process of pasting to and from

to apply wallpaper on the wall, you need a special campaign, because different types of glued, respectively, in different ways.In particular, non-woven wallpaper base, applied to the wall by covering them with adhesive, without spreading the web.However, glass walls, as well as for the ceiling, pasted just as well to cover their downside is not accepted.The adhesive used special best dispersion, for example, the brand "Oscar".In fact, the adhesive to a large extent depends on how long it will last you a glass fiber wall coverings.Apply as they can be on any surface: concrete, brick, wood, and plastic and metal.

During pasting wear clothing with long sleeves and trousers, do not go barefoot and wear gloves, the face is desirable to have a mask to protect the respiratory tract from small glass particles.

Very often on video immediately after glue fiberglass wall covering structure. If you run into these videos, you can be sure - you are introduced into misleading.The fact that for good adhesion with adhesive must be covered wall twice, and after application of the second layer cast web.That is convenient - not fiberglass fabric frown and go residual exactly, you just remove them from under the air using a paint roller, and the wall covering is ready.Fiberglass glued always butt if they patterned, with the allowance of 5 centimeters, which is then clipped.In some cases, you can connect to the wall a few cuts horizontal joints, in particular with regard to the second grade fiberglass.

colored fiberglass or canvas for painting?

Because we, like, have decided that we need to frequently change the wallpaper interior design, let's look at the web version, designed for the application of paint.Of course, fiberglass for structural most part, but there is a web with very fine texture, which may be coated with any patterns, furthermore, they can draw other images or views.For the child can pick up scenes from fairy tales or to put on the wall pattern of amazing colors.If we stick with the major types of glass texture, the paint can highlight their structure, and a few combine colors or shades of the same colors.

In the event that the main priority for you are the characteristics of fiberglass, not the fact that they can be painted (it should be noted, more than 20 times the painted canvas is undesirable) - You can buy a ready-made colored fiberglass.In this case, the process of papering the walls will be the final step in the finishing room.However, later on you if you want to still be able to paint the walls in their preferences, the only thing that is difficult - it is painting pictures at photo wallpapers room design, color as the basis for this is of little use.The output will be a selection of images: blue wall covering can be used as the sky or water, green - like grass, yellow - as a backdrop for the desert, and so on, the options will tell you fancy.