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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wallpapers mats , as a way to create a warm and cozy atmosphere

production velours wallpaper

process of creating a database of wallpaper is very interesting.Initially taken the paper base, which is attached velor drawing.For this purpose, the rolls of paper are stacked in a "cage."Thereto was placed nylon villi different size, but their length is about 0.75 mm.Parallel over the paper starts rotating grid which forms a magnetic field.Then we remember the basic laws of physics.

Nylon fibers begin to fall on the paper exactly perpendicular through the lines of force of electromagnetic fields, which have a vertical direction.Thus, they are glued to the paper, like "standing".Then all this "design" falls in a special furnace and at 140 ° C on a fiber surface firmly harden.In the last step the paper is cut into rolls and packaged.

In some cases, when you need to create a slightly different texture, may be a combination of vinyl and velor.Colours and types of patterns may be different.Most often they are made with a certain relief.As already mentioned, they are issued in the form of large paintings, but then cut the rolls to the size of 0.53 x 10 m.

Advantages and disadvantages of velvet wallpaper

wallpaper velor , as well as any tapestry has itsadvantages and disadvantages.It is also important to say that they are not suitable for all rooms, because they need special care.For example, they are not desirable to do, where animals live.Their coat will always adhere to the surface.The best place for wallpaper velor is considered a bedroom, study, living room.It creates a mysterious and cozy atmosphere. Among the main advantages of the material recovered:

  • shimmer and shine in daylight and artificial light.
  • not fade and do not fade.
  • ability to absorb noise.
  • is a great way to implement various design ideas.

Among the shortcomings release: quickly become soiled, accumulate dust and absorb odors.These spots are virtually impossible to deduce.Plus, wet cleaning is prohibited.Because velor wallpaper considered quite practical material.

technology application velor wallpaper

To apply the coating, it is necessary to comply with all the rules on the preparation of the base and gluing.To begin with eliminating the old coating (plaster, paint, whitewash).Therefore it is necessary to know how to remove the old plaster and paint.Then the surface is cleaned of stains, plaster leveled with special technology and primed.

Once the base is ready, proceed to the cutting blades and the preparation of the adhesive.By the way, it is considered to be the best adhesive for "hard" wallpaper.Then glue is applied on the web and gently adhered to the wall.It is important to smooth arm movements soft coating from the center to the edges to avoid wrinkles and bubbles.

Recommendations for care!To clear the wallpaper is important to use clean and dry brush with soft bristles.In some cases, using a vacuum cleaner.Any stains are derived strictly by stripping with a dry brush or sponge.In no event it is impossible to do this with the help of liquid detergents.Otherwise, your coverage will lose its aesthetic appearance!

In this regard, it is important to think carefully about where it will stick the coating - in what areas?Choose a room with a little pollution, where there will be a lot of dust and odors.