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August 12, 2017 18:08

Steel profile - replacing heavy building structures

Profile Formed - why it deserves our trust?

not inferior to other construction solutions in durability and reliability, the design of the profile of their vastly superior in ease and are smaller dimensions.In general, they work in bending and tension, sometimes - for compression.In their manufacture are used bolted, welded and riveted connections.

The composition of metal structures include welded, pressed, bent and rolled profiles.Some of these are available in two different embodiments.For example, the profile of U-shaped steel (channel) can be either bent and rolled.Steel bent profile closed most often welded, but frequent and seamless.

is important to note that the purpose of the manufacture of the various options of the same type of structure is that produced by the various profiles of one species differ greatly in their performance characteristics and price.

Thus, the profile of bent steel hot-rolled and forged counterparts differs more rational structurally metal distribution over the cross section and length of the product, and therefore at a lower cost has more reliable performance.The price is largely affected by the fact that the metal content in this case is 20% less than that of analogues.

rectangular profile steel and other non-traditional forms of construction

construction business requires a solid investment, and for this reason are the maximum values ​​of reliability and cost are more important than anywhere else.Successor beamed types of structures made of profile pipes have reduced the consumption of the metal in the construction of 20-25% with a significant increase in work rate.

These types of pipes as a steel rectangular profile , allowed to build a more corrosion-resistant structural elements.Square profile steel is used, along with a rectangular, to replace the once-traditional types of metal, such as the channel or area.

Widely used in domestic finishing galvanized steel profile specially designed for drywall, plastic doors and windows, for beacons and securing slopes.

steel profile - the place assigned to it in the market?

in the Russian construction market is experiencing increased interest in light metal structures.Steel lightweight profile is indispensable in the construction of industrial, civil and agricultural use, it has been steadily increasing its use in low-rise and individual construction.

so popular it was due to the possibility of assembly on the construction site of large structures of the modular units, produced in the factory.With this approach, the speed of construction and installation work has grown significantly, as much as possible reduced metal content, increases the quality of constructed structures.For their construction developed versions profile with hitherto unknown sections.

Thin-walled cold-formed profiles, which have high rigidity, are made of galvanized steel sheets.Subject to certain requirements to the corrosion resistance of such structures is maintained for 25 years.The increasing popularity of light structures is gaining a steel sheet bent profile, the so-called profiled.His release polymer decorative and protective coating or without it.