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August 12, 2017 18:08

White cement - an unexpected aesthetic traditional material

White cement - properties and differences from traditional solution

cement is widely represented on the construction market.Each type is characterized by one or another composition, determines the quality of the material.It belongs to them and is slowly but surely gaining popularity white cement, which is "born", rather, for aesthetic reasons.It distinguishes it from the traditional analogue part responsible for giving the well-known solution, gray-green color.

Cement white contains clinker, wherein white due to the absence or minimum content of iron oxide!

Experts note that the building material is superior to the traditional gray analogue in many respects.Firstly, it is much faster gaining strength at the initial stage of drying and solidification, due to its chemical-mineralogical composition.

Within 16 hours after installation of the solution is its solidification by 60%.Gray composition reaches this indicator only on day 28!

Secondly, the product from this solution are characterized by a greater degree of strength and resistance to weathering.They are in the long term remain pristine color, no yellowing, even in the rain and direct sunlight, do not crack.All these properties make it possible to avoid additional costs for repairs and painting.Third, due to the white cement has high light reflectance, making the finished product more attractive thereof.Furthermore, the addition of dyes to white composition provides a more vivid and saturated color.

White cement - used in various areas of construction

Cement - one of the basic materials commonly used in construction. However, white cement, the use of which began not so long ago, yet still "rookie" in the area.Experts point out that its share in the market of construction materials is only 1-2%.However, this does not prevent him from getting very beautiful architectural elements.

Excellent aesthetic and performance characteristics make this material an ideal raw material for the production of decorative bricks and stones, a wide variety of molded parts.Cement white is one of the components of the dry adhesive mixes and an excellent base for colored concrete.It is suitable for device self-leveling floors, and the establishment of small architectural forms, such as sculpture garden or flowerpots.White solution is widely used for the production steps, balconies, paving slabs and curbs.

Features of use of white cement

If after purchase you are thinking about how to dissolve cement white, you can not greatly puzzled.Preparing a solution of the same gray as the same composition.However, it is to focus on some of the features of its use.So:

  • All the tools that one way or another, in contact with fresh solution must be perfectly clean.They must be free of rust or mildew.This nuance is of paramount importance, because we have to work with a white staff.
  • form in which the solution is poured, or a surface to which it is applied, must also be kept clean.For this pre-remove dust and all visible dirt.
  • If you use any fillers, they must have a white color, and size fractions should be the smallest.Not allowed impurities clay, silt, and other materials.
  • If concrete is poured reinforcement or other metal elements, they must be previously protected from corrosion processes.The thickness of the overlay them the solution should not exceed 3 cm.
  • for mixing this type of cement is only clean water should be used.
  • to maintain the class strength 1m3 shall be at least 350 kg of solution.

Thus, white cement - it is the perfect material for a wide range of construction.However, to products made of it please your opinion, it is necessary to observe the rules of use.