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August 12, 2017 18:08

Scissors for cutting polypropylene tubes - the essence of such a tool ?

shears polypropylene pipes - why make a special tool?

Polypropylene according to the method of manufacture and physical properties is not unlike polyethylene.The main differences boil down to the fact that it is less dense, but more wear and heat resistant.That last two points and define its use as a material for production of hot and cold water and for heating equipment.Since

polypropylene tubes marketed as coming straight segments or bays to 12 meters long, it is clear that during assembly is often desirable in their trimming to desired length with subsequent welding.

For the first step, there is a special tool for cutting polypropylene tubes, welding is carried out low-cost electric device that does not require any professional skills on it.

tool for cutting polypropylene tubes - what will have to deal with?

One of the significant advantages over metal polypropylene products is their ability to resist rupture during freezing, which is very important in a suburban area, where relatively frequent interruptions in electricity and gas supply.

However, in the event of a defect at any particular site cutter for polypropylene pipes will remove the damaged segment and replace it with a new in minutes.This operation, which in the case of metal pipes would require several hours, in a given situation will take about half an hour.

Conventional polypropylene communication designed for use at temperatures up to 60 degrees.In case of the transport fluid needs to 95 degrees Celsius are used reinforced polypropylene pipes having at the outer side of a thin aluminum wrapper serving to prevent softening and sagging.

for stripping off the outer casing before welding there is a special knife for polypropylene pipes, removing aluminum coating on the welding depth precisely.Some companies have started to release products with an internal reinforcement, which do not require pre-stripping.

shears and pipe cutters for polypropylene pipes

Now that we have briefly acquainted with this relatively new on the market, the sanitary products, will address the question of what to cut polypropylene tube.By the principle of action of all cutting devices can be divided into the guillotine and scissors.Scissors, in turn, are divided into several groups.

Guillotine cutter for polypropylene pipes is designed for cutting pipes with a diameter of 63 to 350 mm.Blades coated with Teflon, the product is cut at an angle of 90 degrees, leaving a smooth, burr-free, cross-section.The blades can optionally be sharpened or replaced easily.

The advantages of such a cutting method applies no need for additional surface treatment prior to welding, since the slice is obtained smooth and even, without any deformations.

installed on wheels guillotine blade swings around a fixed tube in the sector from 30 to 60 degrees, making an incision without fracture and break the fibers.After the formation of the incision blade under the influence of a rotating-arm rotor immersed in the whole diameter of the depth and finally cuts the pipe.

Scissors for polypropylene pipes are presented in three groups.Precision scissors with Ratchet mechanism for cutting the product with a diameter of 3 to 42 mm have a blade with a rack, making the cut takes place without much effort.Simple and easy to handle when working with one hand, but in the case of intensive cutting arm gets tired pretty quickly.

Roller cutter - scissors, in which the tube is rotated on the guide rollers, while the other blade under pressure takes place to cut the cutting roller.The result is a perfectly clean cut, but cutting speed is not sufficiently high.Cordless pipe cutter - it's electric motor with a pair of scissors.cutting speed is high, and one operation takes from 4 to 7 seconds.