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August 12, 2017 18:07

Moscow constructions

Looking to the future with the memory of last

As we all know, in 2018 Russia will host the FIFA World Cup.Indeed a true sports festival, without exaggeration.Moscow will play in this event is a great role.However, the city was faced with a problem - on the state in 2013 in the capital was only two stadiums - "Locomotive" and "Khimki".Unfortunately, they did not meet the standards.Then it was decided to build a "Spartacus" of the new stadium.Moscow constructions

new stadium will literally Moscow attraction.It will include:

  • Sports Complex on 6 floors.
  • VIP-places.
  • Club Museum.
  • Sports Bar.
  • Parking 1.5 thousand cars.

built stadium will be in the Tushino aerodrome.The new arena should be ready in the summer of 2014, but construction has not yet been brought to the end.Moscow constructions

modern football and sports arena - this is very good, but do not forget about the historical monuments in Moscow.For example, in 2014 it planned to restore more than 200 cultural facilities.This figure is 20 times more than has been done three years ago, in 2011.

Work on the reconstruction of historic buildings - is one of the most difficult.Wanted qualified specialists in all areas of the construction sector - architects, designers, builders with extensive experience, re-enactors.The entire process takes place under strict supervision, we can not admit the possibility of error, it should be done in the same style, in which the building was originally built.

New residential

This is perhaps the most important part of building in Moscow, as the capital is achieved excellent results for the first quarter of 2014.two million square meters of new properties were built.Last year, at this period, the volume of work performed amounted to almost half.It speaks not only of the city's development in the field of construction, but also that Moscow every year attracts more and more investors.Moscow constructions

very pleased that most of the objects belong to the social sphere, it is:

  • Hospitals and clinics.
  • schools, kindergartens.
  • Hotel and shopping complexes.

It was also put into operation a number of new residential areas, which include not only housing, but also fully prepared parking, playgrounds, schools, swimming pools and small sports complexes.It is also not left behind and the road.This question has long been a headache, but now the trend is to improve (to talk about the complete disappearance of traffic jams do not have to, but their density decreased obviously).Moscow constructions

can not fail to please, and that supervision of illegal construction companies significantly increased.This great achievement SRO, as well as local officials, who are responsible for the solution of such questions.This approach allows for the construction of the city only with permission of city leaders and complete the supervision of the execution of works.Thus, the construction Moskvys increase year by year, thus becoming more quality.