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August 12, 2017 18:08

The use of boric acid in the home cockroaches

General properties and efficacy of the mixture of boric acid for cockroaches

Boric or orthoboric acid is the most popular way among all the folk remedies.There are numerous recipes for its use, this substance has both positive and negative sides.With all this preparation is applicable in all areas, it bears no harm to people.

means in general terms is a white powder, odorless and tasteless.The melting point of the powder is 170 degrees Celsius.drug alters the chemical composition at higher temperatures.

General properties and efficacy of the mixture of boric acid cockroaches

powder is added to many mineral water is a natural antiseptic.This substance is also sold in drugstores.

If the person is a substance can be useful, for it is a true insect venom.Means acts on the body of the insect, so that after it gets in their digestive tract, it is absorbed into the body and causes severe irritation to a peripheral nerve.Thereafter, cockroaches and other insects are killed.

General properties and efficacy of the mixture of boric acid cockroaches

Recipes application of boric acid for cockroaches

There are many ways to make an unacceptable dose of powder got into the body of the insect.It is not necessary to add the powder into the egg yolk and mix with vanilla and flour.Simply distribute it to places where insects often handle - skirting boards in the kitchen, under the sink and fixtures.

Recipes use of boric acid for cockroaches

order to poison one insect, enough 2 mg powder, that is, in theory, 10 g sachet is enough for the elimination of thousands of pests.In practice, to get rid of cockroaches using boric acid, it will need a lot more, because a lot of powder is consumed in vain.

Sometimes liquid boric acid will be more effective, since the solution can be put in place, in which the cockroaches usually come to drink water, that is beside the sink or toilet.So the probability of getting the poison in the body of insects increases.

Recipes use of boric acid for cockroaches

boric acid balls with a yolk

If cockroaches in the house a little, in order that their poison is enough to scatter the means to the places of their accumulation and place solutions.After that, most of them to be poisoned, and the rest - to leave the apartment.However, if this does not happen, you should use the following recipes:

boric acid balls with egg yolk

  1. in raw egg yolk is added to 40 mg of boric acid and mix until uniform mass.
  2. Equal proportions of boric acid, powdered sugar and flour are mixed and kneaded with water to form dough.
  3. Take 60 grams of powdered sugar, 200 grams of boric acid and 60 g of starch in a little water is added to the mass as to achieve a sticky paste.

Price boric acid from

cockroaches, among other advantages, the tool is quite inexpensive.The price of the standard package of boric acid does not exceed 30-35 rubles.At the same time, high efficiency means confirms the positive reviews of boric acid.

Price boric acid for cockroaches

more information about pest baiting can learn from the video.