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August 12, 2017 18:08

Wire connector : nuts for the novice electrician

Why do I need an adapter from aluminum to copper

easy to imagine situations in which you want to connect the new to the existing electrical grid.Climb into the main line you will not be allowed, but to solve the problem of the connection of aluminum and copper wires in your home and choose the connectors you can own.

Almost all citizens are somewhere heard or read, it is not recommended to connect a simple twist wires of different cross-sections and from different materials.But the hands of DIY (especially in the country) and extend for a quick twist the old wiring with new access to the next home appliance.What are the consequences?

  1. contact area of ​​conductors, even when the densest twisting is relatively small.As a consequence, there is a transient high contact resistance, which may cause heating of the band.If
  2. liner aluminum-copper, this effect can become critical.The fact is that the electrochemical characteristics of metals very different.Rapid formation of an aluminum oxide film conductor (in wet conditions even more intense) provides additional resistance in the collector contact region.
  3. additional contribution of oxidation processes on copper in a short period increases the contact transfer resistance to peak values ​​at which the heat conductive connection of copper and aluminum conductors can cause sparking, melting, in other words, a local fire.

As they say in Odessa, "you need it."Buy connector wires and live quietly.

A wire connector

Methods for joining aluminum and copper wire

consider all cases where such a connection is vital we do not.Just remember that if you stick out from the wall outlets Aluminium, bought in an old house in the country posting of the same material, or there was a need to connect to the main line, buy the correct adapter.

Terminal Blocks or terminals .On these devices, we talked in detail on our web site.Now just draw your attention to some of the nuances.A reliable electrical contact in the cleat or screw terminal block to connect the aluminum and copper wire must be provided or the plate of a neutral material, or a special paste, certified for this case.See marking, read the instructions.


Nuts to connect the wires.Technical thought prevails.The shell of karbolitovogo plastic (protection) plus the core in the form of contact of the clamping plates.Name junction squeezing the most applicable to these devices.The scheme is simple: line (aluminum) with the removed fragments insulation is placed in channel compression plates electric nut for connecting wires and copper wires are clamped in the same die without direct contact with the outer channel.In the upper sections of the calibration (. 120-150 sq mm) connector wires so obviously designed for professionals, but lower gradation (1.5 -. 4 mm square) is quite useful for the home handyman.

Сжим ответвительный ("орешек")

Piercing Clips (PZ) .Designed to connect to a SIP (self-supporting insulated wire), the main high-voltage lines.The branches of this type carried out by professionals, to inform citizens especially needlework: the branch via the PP is connected without breaking the isolation by compressing brass contacts for carrying conductor.Tighten the nut and provide a contact output.

piercing clips

Connector for wires homemade .Materials: Bolt, three goals, the best of brass, nut, electrical tape.The aluminum and copper wires is carried out by separation of direct contact zone between clamped washers.Mounted as a temporary, but has lived for decades.

How not to be mistaken with a choice

wire connector We deliberately did not consider the scope and disadvantages described above models the connecting fixtures to bring this discussion to the end of the article.

terminals in all versions.To tie-in to existing electrical circuits have cut the cable.Will it end for wiring your new insert will determine the calculation and accuracy.Pads are good in dry rooms and installed in a junction box: mechanical and climatic resistance is low.It is not always suitable for the connection of wiring, but perfect for the role of terminal adapter with aluminum wire to copper.

Electric nuts designed for easy connection of cables, but in layman's hands they are capricious.Get the "cheerfulness" when working with loose wires of different cross sections nobody wants.Yes, and IP20 protection is clearly too small for the external environment.

About PP and bolt adapters nothing further will not talk.In the first case, by virtue of specificity, in the second - with an eye to the PES.Selection of power supply scheme for your home is always choose yourself.