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August 12, 2017 18:07

Vertical gardening walls - look at the landscape from a new angle

vertical landscaping walls with climbing plants

The most common way to hide from prying eyes old barn or plastered walls, makeshift design - plant by plant construction curly perimeter, ie vines.There are many varieties of ornamental plants, capable of quickly and thickly up the walls of buildings and other rough surfaces.For example, Chinese magnolia vine with berries, has tonic properties, Amur grape with a slightly sour fruit, Actinidia Kolomikta, whose berries are not only edible, but also very tasty (they have a lot of useful vitamin C), and a single plant can be collected up to 5 kilograms.In addition to the walls of the plant tight wrap around poles, or trees entwine specially strung fishing nets, as well as a wire that is fixed on driven into the wall at regular intervals rods (mounting hardware and can serve as a building nails). Using improvised means, you can combine business with pleasure, having grown up not only a beautiful and thick, and the fruit-bearing vine .

By the way, absolutely no reason to restrict the growth of plants only buildings walls in their vicinity can set special design, to get some kind of "hanging gardens", densely overgrown with vines arch, covered with hops or hidden under a carpet of grape arbors.

most simple variant of vertical gardening - stretched along the wall wire, more complex - crate, cage bars from which the closely welded thickness of about 40-50 mm, respectively, in the form of a lattice with cells no more than 50x50 centimeters.

Liana, clutching shoots and tendrils of vertical and horizontal bars, the bars rapidly braid along the walls of the building, completely hiding under a plastered, painted or even unfinished surface.

vines climbing the walls with considerable speed (some types overcome 15 centimeters per day), considerably improves the microclimate in the buildings.Firstly, dense crown of vines, completely covering the construction, represent 20% and 70% sounds absorb .That is, for the green wall of leaves and twisted stems will reign relative silence that depends on the thickness of the crown.In addition, plants - fine filters are deposited on a lot of dust which otherwise would have been on the premises.About the same coolness that is given dense crown of vines, can not resemble.

Vertical greening facades with the help of container plantations

is not always possible to plant vines in the vicinity of the wall, and are sometimes inappropriate vines, especially when the walls are covered with beautiful tiles and the windows are hung carved shutters.After all, it will be hidden under the leaves, vine fail to indicate where to grow, especially the types of plants that cling to the wall aerial roots and suckers.Therefore, sometimes it is possible to carry out vertical gardening facade by placing on the walls of boxes with flowers.This method is called Container planting - are fixed on the wall boxes, which are planted as a curly, and ordinary plants.Containers for vertical planting can be made both from metal and from plastic or ceramic may also accommodate wooden boxes or flowerpots cement.

For container planting great dihondra, whose leaves have a nice silvery shade, Chlorophytum, as well as many types of hybrid petunias - Fortuna, Calibrachoa.Thus part of the wall can be completely covered with greenery (eg, corner of the building), and the rest of the fa├žade area may be shaded by spreading plants such as climbing roses.They keep well back, and cling to the wall, so that the reliability of such a landing is possible not to worry.Remember the movie "Snow Queen", planting roses, which are converted into the arbor above the window, and in the winter beware stare out the window at the unfamiliar blondes and swing open the window wide open.

Vertical gardening at home - choosing appropriate plants

So we set for ourselves, that the vertical garden landscaping has two areas that can be practiced alone or in combination.But the question remained unsolved - what plants should be planted for vertical gardening (more of the grades do not count), and how much they grow.First of all it is worth mentioning a girl's grapes as a very common plant that is added in the year up to 3 meters.Adult vine is able to cover their stems and foliage up to 20 square meters of the wall.Amur grape can reach the same size, and in October it ripens berries in racemes up to 25 centimeters.There are varieties of ornamental vine that can hibernate without cutting and shelter - "Isabella", "Alpha", "Hun".Simply remove the whip from the wall and put it on the ground, and this will be all the preparation for the winter period, as vertical gardening at home means not only land, but also the care of plants.

mentioned above Actinidia klomikta grows up to 15 meters in height, and, by the way, this plant is an incredibly beautiful, because during the growing season several times changes the color of the leaves.Young leaves kolomikta bronze, then they turn green after a while, when it is time to flowering plants, leaves covered with pink spots, and finally acquire a crimson color.Another plant, whose shoots are raised to a height of 12 meters - celastrus kruglolisty, however, his yellow-orange fruit inedible, but as a decorative element is very attractive.The leaves of this plant are very large and provide excellent shade and considering their density and leathery surfaces have excellent thermal insulation and noise-suppressing properties.For container planting can be used by two other types of climbing plants - ivy and eel.

In conditions of Russia is better to choose perennials that can tolerate harsh winters, of course, not without your caring participation.Sheltering, seeding the roots of sawdust or manure - options to help plant a lot of winter, most importantly, do not forget to start timely preparation before the cold snaps, and then the next year the green wall will delight you again.