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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to install a fence made ​​of polycarbonate with their hands ?

Why choose a fence made of polycarbonate?

This material is distinguished by properties such as its low cost and functionality.Polycarbonate - a translucent polymeric material, or completely transparent, which is used in the decoration and construction.

Monolithic polycarbonate

enumerate its main virtues:

  • strength and lightness, in this regard, the material does not contribute to the weighting structure, therefore, it is a long time;
  • ease of installation, ease of handling - the material can be cut with a hacksaw or electric jigsaw;
  • providing soundproofing mean with the reflection of sound waves;
  • a huge selection of shades of fences made of polycarbonate, as well as their component parts.

In addition, through the polycarbonate seeping sunlight and it does not pass ultraviolet rays, which favorably affects the plants growing behind a fence.

Lows in the use of polycarbonate

Of course, like any other material, polycarbonate has its negative side.It is expressed in the lightness of the material, so from all sides of the fence should be to create metal fittings, in order to protect not blown away to the neighbors.

material has a low degree of impact, therefore not allowed in throwing him stones and other objects that can disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the suburban rail.Therefore, polycarbonate enclosure is recommended to mount in places where is not a lot of people.

Another shortcoming of the polycarbonate used as the material for the fence installation - its high price.Material cost is much higher fences of brick, wood or corrugated.

Decorative decision to install a fence made ​​of polycarbonate

suburban fences Installation of polycarbonate

to install a fence, you can invite a specialist as an assistant, but you can cope on their own, to an eventually be proud of.To complete installation of fences made of this material have to proceed in stages.

First you need to pull a rope between the beginning and the end of the next intake.For this purpose, the soil layer is removed and the aligned portion.Produced space layout with the designation of sites for the location of the supporting pillars, and turning corners.Often tailgating poles equal to 3 meters, it is not only the goals of strength, but also aesthetic purposes.The bottom of the cavity in the ground, made under the support, should fill with gravel or sand and set the poles.

next step - welding horizontal guide frame to set the supports.Metal parts must sweep, progruntovke and painting to protect the structure from corrosion.As you can see, the installation of fences made of polycarbonate is not so complicated, so do not be afraid of difficulties and finally deciding to take up the case.