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August 12, 2017 18:07

Warming of the balcony from inside or how to do a study ?

Warming of the balcony from the inside - how to do it?

Sheathing and insulation of the balcony can reduce indoor noise, to make a more comfortable environment.A way to use the new meters myriad, from a small working room, or study rooms (with a computer desk, lighting and air conditioning) up to a spacious dressing room or other service premises.

With quality work, application of measures to prevent release of condensate, the room can be adapted for permanent residence and even sleep.Of course, balconies and loggias have their own characteristics and nuances with insulation.This is due to the amount and properties of required frames, insulation, etc.

Building materials on the market today allow qualitatively to carry out external finishes and internal insulation balcony.As a rule, materials previously considered traditional for the glazing of balconies, pushed back with plastic double-glazed windows and frames.These designs maximize save precious heat, preventing it from loss due to the imperfections of wooden or metal frames.

Here it must be said about the growing popularity of aluminum profiles with a thermal insulating inserts.Such designs allow high-quality glazing with the exception (almost complete) heat.Of course, there is still important and the question of cost, but the operation of such frames is eighty years old and above.

Wall insulation balcony - how to prepare the room for?

So, you first need to submit a glazing design.Will the upper balcony slab ceiling, or a visor to be applied?It depends on the size of the frames, the need for additional work on warming, etc.Then, from the balcony wall insulation, measurements are made carefully.

For this object is prepared: removed old frame, attaching them to the fences, you may need to remove the barriers themselves.Everything is done with standard tools: screwdrivers, hammer, grinder, tape, marker.

in progress need to remember the immediate proximity of neighbors, so the measures cleanliness and low (if possible) noise.

Measuring tape should be supplemented by the definition of horizontal and vertical using a spirit level.All dimensions and deviations are recorded.This may be affected not only the type of structure.What is important is the angle of the balcony slabs and rubble walls, and the nature of the material enclosing the balcony parapet.Possibly taking into account the slopes of the horizontal order and need to use additional adapters by perimeter frames.

sequence of work can be different.So, if you decide to arrange a separate hood, you need to prepare accordingly hasteless materials such roofs, etc.But the installation of frames always satisfied.Most of moves are glazing (32 mm) two-chamber.These frames necessarily exempt from the glass.Installation assembly is not performed.

Installation frames observed horizontal, vertical exhibition, special expansion profiles are used for perimeter frames.Do not tilt the plane of the frame.If necessary, use underlayer rail or bar.To close the parapet sheet material used.Suitable galvanized sheet iron and other materials that provide a reliable floor voids.After installing the frames (and sun visor) go to the insulation.

internal insulation balcony - Getting plating

package materials and the sequence of their placement should provide not only heat, but also hydro, steam and noise insulation.Then apply mineral wool, extruded polystyrene, foamed polyethylene foil (as a reflective insulation), observed air layer for ventilated facade.

exterior finishing must ensure sealing of all cracks and reliable isolation from water in the insulating layer.As a rule, for this (even in design) planned sills and window sills along the perimeter parapet.Before laying the insulating material advisable (if necessary) to perform wiring of electrical wires.

Installation of sockets is carried out after the end of the interior trim.In addition, a simple insulation will not provide the required heat on the balcony.It is obvious expediency of the device warm floor.These works are carried out after the completion of the exterior finish and interior insulation.In the dispensation of the standard warm floor is executed finish flooring, installation of baseboards, etc.

Detailing and sequence depend on the specific conditions of work.To visualize the inside insulation of the balcony, the video will clarify the details will show all that has been written above.