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August 12, 2017 18:07

As pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom that was comfortable and beautiful?

choose which wallpaper glue in the bedroom

Special wallpapers designed specifically for the bedroom, of course, does not exist.But the modern choice is truly immense, we have long since emerged from the time when pasted on the walls of what was possible to get.Examining the existing range of materials, perhaps everyone will stop in a quandary - what the wallpaper paste over the bedroom ?!

  • easiest, cheapest and environmentally friendly option - this paper wallpaper.Their selection is huge, the price - democratic, in addition, they are perfectly air is passed.Among the shortcomings can be noted the fragility of several rustic look, and what to remove them from the walls of the next repair will require a lot of effort.Moreover, they look nice only perfectly smooth walls as thin and therefore tend to replicate the surface topography.
  • Good looking modern vinyl wallpaper (foamed, compact vinyl, silk-screen printing).They have a Mighty look and are much longer paper.Though somewhat worse leak air.But small irregularities of the walls will be completely invisible due to thick embossed wallpaper surface.In addition, if desired wall trimmed vinyl easily repaint any color.Agree with this perspective in five years, you can not change the situation, and only repaint wallpaper.
  • Wallpapering in the bedroom will require you to the least effort, if you choose to use non-woven wallpaper.Their advantages: breathable;not require impregnation adhesive;the subsequent repair you can easily remove them from the walls entirely.
  • rich and luxurious interior create textile wallpaper.They are good to all and have only one drawback - the high price.

What color pokleit wallpaper in the bedroom

Choosing wallpaper for the bedroom, it is important to decide on the color scheme.Think about the atmosphere in which you feel more comfortable and relaxed with?

you like nature, you love the forest?So, the question of what the wallpaper paste in the bedroom, the solution: create an interior in shades of green.This holiday you associate with the sea or a river?Choose the color of the water, from light blue to turquoise.

Designers are also advised to take into account the location of the bedroom.When sticking wallpaper in the bedroom, facing north, or just in the room goes a little light (grow tall trees under windows), you can make it lighter by a warm yellow or peach-colored wall decoration.

Consider also that cold tone more calming effect on the psyche.If you are too emotional, you are experiencing sleep problems, design wallpapering in the bedroom is best to choose a cold (blue or green) colors.Try not to create bright spots.You are counter-red, saturated orange, yellow, purple, light green color.

for romantic natures warm colors fit most, but not too bright - beige, various shades of pink, yellow and orange.

And if you are facing a dilemma for the successful finishing of the boudoir, remember absolutely contraindicated here "depressive" colors - gray, black, pale brown.They can be used only in the details, and then in very small quantities.

think through options wallpapering bedroom

easiest way to go the path of least resistance - pokleit wallpaper of the same color and type of floor to ceiling.And it is possible to show imagination and create so unusual options wallpapering in the bedroom, as far as your imagination will allow.

today to design a bedroom, or boudoir applied pasting the walls of different wallpapers.Manufacturers often offer customers the entire collection, consisting of two or more species: in the same color scheme, but with a different texture and / or pattern.For example, below you can pokleit plain or striped wallpaper, the top -.. With floral print, etc.

There are other options for finishing the design of the room for sleep and rest.Some of them provide for the allocation of headboard.This is a very high demand right now welcome.You can, for example, the whole bedroom wallpapered with any pattern, and the width of the wall bed - self-colored in the same color, or vice versa.In the head area is also permissible to stick wallpapers with a quiet plot, this finish is now back in fashion.

There are other ways original arrange bedroom - certain areas allocate a completely different color.It is desirable, of course, that this color is in harmony with the basic wallpaper.The main rule is: you can not connect two saturated color.For example: orange with red, purple and bright green, etc. While some designers use in their work method, "a combination of opposites" and get a great result...But it is better, perhaps, not to experiment in the bedroom.Well considered compatible red and green, beige and brown, pink and blue, yellow and purple, blue and orange.

can also highlight areas not contrasting color, and a different shade of the main color.For example, do the opposite wall from the headboard bright and happy to wake up every day to see the funny colors or a rainbow, so charged with energy for the day positive emotions.

Naturally, there are a myriad of options.And decide which wallpaper pokleit in the bedroom can only you. Do not be afraid to experiment and do not drive themselves to the conventions of common concepts .It is important that the selected design pasting wallpaper you liked it, and not a friend or a neighbor on the landing!