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August 12, 2017 18:08

How does the bedroom interior design in a modern Hi-Tech style.


Furniture Design bedroom in a modern style characterized by the following details:

  1. clearly highlighted headboard - part of the wall above the bed can be upholstered in fabric, painted with paint in a contrasting color, covered with wallpaper with an expressive pattern or bright texture, closed wood orplastic.
  2. glossy surface - cabinets and countertops are made of plastic or wood with lacquer top layer.
  3. mirrors - they can be used not only for the dressing table or in a cabinet.Mirrors can lay out pattern on the walls, to build a partition or frame the headboard.
  4. Unusual lamps - lighting in a modern interior serves as a decor in the bedroom so it can be irregularly shaped and placed in unexpected places.

interior design allows you to choose innovative solutions for furniture.For example, fans of the low bed is perfect podium with mattress and bedding.At the same time inside the structure can store a lot of things.

If your bedroom has a large window, you can put the bed along it.And from unwanted views you will hide the curtain or Roman blinds.

Another interesting solution - bed flush with the floor.In this case, the floor is artificially raised by a few centimeters, and in the niche settling bed.Connoisseurs canopies should choose thin fabric, tulle or organza.

can put an extra couch, chaise lounge and a reading lamp in the spacious room.Ladies be sure to come in handy dressing table.If the dressing room for not very much, you can hang a mirror on the wall, attach it under the narrow ledge and a couple of drawers.The photo presents such non-standard options.

Choosing furniture

Choosing furniture

cabinet or closet?

If you want to choose a wardrobe for the bedroom in a modern style, guided by a compartment model with mirror or lacquered doors.Keep in mind that this style requires brevity and welcomes the rich ornaments, masses of shelves and multi-level "slides".

Easy dressing can be located in a remote corner, then it will take only 2-3 square meters, and close the shelves and hangers can be a sliding door or curtain fabric.

If your room is in the form of an elongated rectangle, put the bed at a distance of 1-2 meters from the blank wall, and at the back equip wardrobe.If you wish, it can remain open (for clothes, you can use the boxes), or to close the screen.

Determine lighting

you can create eye-catching style bedrooms, if you hang lights in unusual places.In addition to the central chandelier and lamps on each side of the bed, you can attach a light cord around the perimeter of the bedrooms on the ceiling, in the middle or at the plinth.

Another great idea - to lay cable or garlands around the bed, then your box will light up when you turn off the main lights.See how on the photo decorated lamps.

Choosing furniture