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August 12, 2017 18:08

How to close the pipe in the bathroom - 5 best examples with photos and video .

layout of pipes in the bathroom.

Imagine, you go in the morning in the newly renovated bathroom, you have a beautiful mural over the bath with the dolphins, dear kakaya-nibud Spanish tiles, exclusive mirror and shelf with lighting, you immediately lifted the mood, but ... turn your head on, andthere is what that pipe!The spectacle is not pleasant, nor any aesthetic pleasure, from morning procedures.But this is the room in which we get a portion of energy for the whole day and evening relaxation element.

hidden pipe in the bathroom

aesthetics, it is the first and most important reason that when carrying out repair work in bathrooms almost all are trying to remove as much as possible out of sight all the pipework.But the second reason is the sound of water in the sewer riser, which in turn also creates some discomfort.

pipe in the closet

How to close the pipe in the bathroom.

So how is it that the right to close the pipe in the bathroom, in order to save themselves from the unpleasant spectacle?To the right approach to this issue, you need to understand at what stage to start, what materials to use and how best to link all with a beautiful design.

At cosmetic repair when there is no re-planning and some global changes, mandatory check the quality of all communications and connections.And we make repair or replacement, if necessary, in order not to return to this issue in the future.

The pipes in the bathroom hidden

When major repairs, after preparatory work in the first place is to do the project layout of pipes in the bathroom.Define to start with, where there will be a bathroom, toilet, sink and washing machine.These are the main consumers of water, if you happen to have any exclusive options.We make laying scheme to each user.Then, determine what material should be used pipe in the bathroom.It depends on their life, and if you happen to leakage?We do not want to bring down the finishing material and to hollow walls, in order to find and fix the leak.

Wardrobe Tube

And so options how to hide the pipe bath:

  1. With redevelopment.When it is possible to make alterations to the entire room to build more niche and hide to have all communications and beyond.
  2. in the wall or floor.When placed in a specially prepared recess, and then hide behind finishing material.
  3. To build a special box for the pipes in the bathroom.It can be done with the help of drywall, and then cover the finishing material.
  4. located below the level of vision.Hide behind furniture and fixtures.

pipes in a box

latter option is suitable for decoration.The simplest, but least effective.Of course, a large share of saryatat manage, but some part remains visible.The remaining options for how to close the pipe in the bathroom, more suitable for major repairs, each has its pros and cons.When re-planning, when you build more niche, you do so at the expense of the room space, which is not always possible in a small package.

in the wall or floor.Good option, relieve you of unnecessary spectacle, with no much without taking up precious space.It has one drawback: you need to carefully approach the selection of material and installation.For such a method suitable pipe made of copper and stainless steel, with soldered joints.Threaded connections in this case are not considered.Also suitable plastic, such as solder joints.If you do it right, do not have to destroy the wall and eliminate breakage.

The pipes are hidden in the wall

build a special box for the pipes in the bathroom.It leaves the option of access to communication, but hides a little space and complicates the installation of the curtain furniture.The last two options are by far the most popular, but the choice is always yours.

Conduit Pipe