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August 12, 2017 18:08

Bath of cast marble : photos, reviews, how to establish their own hands .

Bath of cast marble: reviews the pros and cons

Made of injection (cast), marble bath is not only beauty, but also excellent operating characteristics for which and appreciated.However, you should make a reservation that it focuses only on high-quality products made in compliance with all technologies.Blow from a kick - it's not cast marble, and who knows what.Get the only proven and reliable stores and salons.

bath of cast marble

If you got good-quality plumbing, you can count on it following properties:

  • structural integrity and strength.Even thin-walled bath from this material withstand heavy loads.For this indicator, cast marble stone is not inferior to the present.
  • ability to retain heat for a long time.The body of this material will never be unpleasantly cold to the touch, and poured hot water into it to cool for a long time.This lack of steel or cast iron model.
  • sound reduction.You will be deprived of the familiar loud sound of water falling, but this is unlikely to disappoint you?
  • Control vibration.Enjoy this property you will be able, if the bottom is equipped with whirlpool.Those familiar with this function of consumers, as opposed to a bath of cast marble often say unpleasant vibrations acrylic models.
  • Hygroscopicity.Lack far, which could penetrate the water and bacteria, making more hygienic bath.

cast marble in the bathroom

Advantages hit in the eye and even with the high price you're willing to accept?Check out some shortcomings and only then, on balance, make the choice.

  • If it is made in white color and has a protective coating (ask about it from the seller), then soon on the surface appear ugly stains from domestic funds, lint during washing clothes and so on. D. Longer retain their aestheticscolored or gray model.
  • Terminate the chips such products more difficult than that of acrylic analogue.
  • make it difficult to transport and install.

Some sources referred to as a lack of need for rinsing after each use, but it's hard to disagree.Do the same procedure you do not spend, using an ordinary bathroom?This elementary hygiene, because in the process of bathing and washing you wash off the dirt in it.

Baths of cast marble in the interior

Thanks not only to the performance quality, but also the variety, baths of cast marble are increasingly getting rave reviews from their owners.Ability to add products based dyes, coating the surface of the thinnest protective film, which also gives the coloring effect, various shapes and sizes - as a result you have to choose from.Manufacturers claim that the bath of artificial marble successfully fit into any interior, designers and give some advice on this matter.

  • It is ideal for large rooms in a classic or antique style.This bath can easily accentuate Ecostyle, hi-tech and minimalism.
  • For smaller rooms, choose the option that more closely resembles a traditional cast iron or steel in shape and size.Let highlight in the interior will be the color.It does not hurt the visual perception of the room, and bath itself will attract attention.
  • If space allows and finances, pick up the product toilet and sink in the same style.
  • Particularly impressive it looks like when it is installed on the podium, or, at least, not in contact with the flat walls close.

cast marble

white cast marble

Many baths of cast marble are equipped with special handles, armrests and headrests, making the process even more comfortable bathing.Whirlpool is also available in these products.Form choose at its own discretion, you have access not only balanced, but also asymmetric options.Matched with the operating conditions and your preferences tub is a favorite vacation spot of all households.