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August 12, 2017 18:08

Pelmets for hall

types and models swags

Due to the style, which made curtains with lambrequins, completely changed interior of the apartment.These design elements have come up not only in order to cover up the banal and ugly ledge, but also to bring a certain flair that will make the interior unique.Before you decide so what you sew pelmets, you should know that they are of two types: hard and soft.

Hard pelmet invented a long time ago and was originally made of wood.Wooden pelmets are now, but their use is limited to English and Russian design styles.Now, to make the hard pelmet use solid fabric called "gangs" or duplicate a thick cloth interlining or Dublirin.Due to the structure of the material it is possible to make all kinds of shapes, cut all sorts of animals and geometric figures.For example, as shown in these photos

pelmets for hall

window decoration

pelmets for window room

pelmets the room
This allows you to decorate the interior of any room, a chic living room and a cozy children's room.The photo below shows the beautiful pelmet for the hall laconic strict form, but with some chic combining strict geometric lines and smooth soft folds in addition to the lower light curtains weightlessness.

pelmet with curtains lower
Soft pelmet unleashes unlimited imagination.Typically, such models are composed of individual pieces of fabric, which is very harmoniously with each other, creating the effect of a single whole.Often in such models use a variety of decorative elements - SMAD, perekidy, bibs, ties, Coquille.



When designing pelmet should be given the utmost attention the type of tissue from which they are intended to sew, it is also very important to the combination of textures and colors, skillfully playing with the contrast.

soft pelmets for the hall, in turn, are divided into simple and complex.Simple - it's just a strip of fabric with threaded into her braid.The strip can take a solid color or with any print.Complex made from different kinds of materials that promise to communicate with each other and with other elements.Sometimes it even combine with hard lambrequins, as in the photo below.

hard pelmets

sew curtains with lambrequins own hands

So, you think about it and decided that it is able to sew pelmets for the hall with his hands, while useful to you our master class.
beginners craftswomen offer manufacturing lesson of simple models.It would be desirable, of course, to do something, so that everyone gasped, but without practice and skill in this matter is impossible.Therefore, we start with the basics.

1. Take the fabric square whose side is equal to 1.40 m, folding it diagonally and fold the middle note SMAD.

manufacture of lambrequin

2. Next, the assembly begins SMAD.We will come in handy strap with marks where we fix our folds.We note on the bar mid-SMAD desired width and shoulders.At the bar put in the square so that was observed in the 45 ° angle.Mid SMAD on the fabric should coincide with the zero mark trims.We are laying the first fold zakalyvaya its pins (see. Photo 2).

3. Next, form a second fold as SMAD.To make it easier to control the formation of folds in the middle of SMAD recommend to fix something weighty (see. Photo 3)

4. Similarly crease for crease forming all SMAD, observing the symmetry.Folds should be the same depth, and should be symmetry with respect to the center and maintained the necessary height of the SMAD in the middle (see. Photo 4).

5. Remains of fabrics must be cut at the bottom and the top edge along the fold lines to consolidate the collection of pins.Now SMAD can dissolve, move the pattern to the crappy cloth or paper.This will be the basic pattern.Bottom SMAD will need to handle bias binding or hem, decorated with fringe or braid.The upper part of SMAD decorate curtain tape (see. Photo 5).

6. If desired intervals between SMAD can close various decorative elements, which we have already mentioned.It can be ties, Coquille, cascades, etc. (see para. 6 photos).

7. Tie, for example, cut out very easily.It is necessary to build a trapezoid with parallel sides equal to the length of the decorative element.The length of the tie must be greater than the length of SMAD 20%.In addition, it is necessary to calculate the width of the tie to all the elements were not close to the ledge.

8. Below is a diagram of a tie.

tie scheme

As you can see, the modern fashion for pelmets room to sew simple enough.It is worth a little effort, and most importantly the desire to make your home cozy and comfortable.