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August 12, 2017 18:08

Comfortable minimalist bedroom 16 m2

Design 16-meter room - remove all the excess out of the bedroom

minimalist design of the room 16 square meters.meters, serving a bedroom, gives a lot of amenities.There is little hard to lead the way among numerous pieces of furniture.It is much easier to find the right thing, because the places where it may be too little.In such a room, and even take the time to be late somewhere comfortable.

to create an interior, you will need only a bed and ... And here are the options.

Option 1. Design a bedroom without wardrobe

Wardrobe driven out of the room - the living room, dressing room or another bedroom.In this case, a room of 16 square meters can easily accommodate:

  • double bed;
  • dressing table;
  • couple of puffs;
  • bedside tables.

Even given the fact that the width of a double bed may vary within the 160-200 cm, and the length being at least 200 cm, for other furniture space will suffice.Dressing table with chair, a chair, or one of the poufs firmly take place near the window, and tables - on the sides of the bed.As a result, you get a large room, where nothing distracts from the relaxation and sleep.Such a design of 16 m2 can be seen in the photo below.

comfortable , minimalist - on - 16 - m2 - bedroom - 1

Too little?Add a small elegant chest of drawers for clothes, put a houseplant and enjoy it.Ideally, a dressing table, they will be set.

Option 2. Wardrobe is in the bedroom

not imagine a bedroom without a closet or a banal nowhere else to do?Well, let it be built.Competent approach to choosing its doors make 16 square meters.m premises more attractive and individual.Their mirror visually expand the room, and the doors of bamboo or natural wood Ecostyle underlined.

comfortable , minimalist - on - 16 - m2 - bedroom - 2

Note: if there is a chest of drawers cabinet is superfluous!

Council designer

interesting and practical solution for both options will be the device for the headboard plasterboard niches with shelves along the entire height.If you want as much as possible to save space, to do without the cabinet and chest, the lower shelves, you can take beautiful baskets for clothes and things.The top will be open shelves for favorite books, figurines and photos.Make high-quality illumination of the shelves, it can even replace your bedside lamps, which are often put on the tables.

comfortable , minimalist - on - 16 - m2 - bedroom - 3

skradet This design of the space, but the design of the 16-meter room on its presence will benefit.All interior elements are arranged, nothing will stand out from the whole picture.This bedroom is fully compliant with minimalism and comfort.

Dressing in bedroom 16m

area Another way to remove all the excess from the eye - a device in the bedroom dressing room.Area 16 sq.This allows you to completely meters.What is different from the built-in wardrobe closet?If you have the proper size it is possible not only to run out to get the desired, but also to go to.Ideally, you can even walk there.Often, besides the traditional filling (shelves, hangers and so on. D.) Put in the dressing room a full length mirror, ottoman and even an ironing board.The minimum area it is usually equal to 2m2.At best, this 4.3 m2.

Perform simple calculations:

  1. bed area is approximately equal to 4 m2 (2 x 2 m).
  2. Note dressing, let 3 m2.
  3. As a result, free space you have left 16 - (4 + 3) = 9 m2

Not so much, but for the padded stools and bedside tables enough.Even a small dressing table is appropriate.

arrange a dressing - using sliding doors or partitions with plasterboard pivot door to the room is cut off the desired area.In this case, note the following:

  • sliding doors of the bedrooms are separated by a line.Plasterboard partitions allow to experiment in this direction, but it is necessary to think in advance where the door will be opened.
  • room division will be carried out taking into account as located window and door to each other.In some cases, we have to be content with a modest corner wardrobe.

comfortable , minimalist - on - 16 - m2 - bedroom - 4

This additional space allows the entrance to the room to see a bed - a place to sleep - and a few decorative elements.Everything else is cleverly hidden from prying eyes.The main part of the room and "Fa├žade" dressing can be designed in the same style, then a glance at all it would be difficult to guess her presence.

Thus, a little imagination and uncomplicated calculations will make your bedroom a practical, comfortable and original!Do not be afraid to move away from standard solutions.