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August 12, 2017 18:07

Electric towel dryers .Advantages and disadvantages

Benefits electric towel warmer.

electric dryer has several advantages over its conventional counterpart:

  • not require connection to the water system.He will always be hot, even when there is no hot water.
  • Easy installation.To install is not required to request disconnection of the riser.
  • thermostat.You want to make a bathroom this bath?No problem!Elektrosushitel can be heated to 70 degrees Celsius
  • can be set anywhere in the bathroom.
  • affordable price.
  • PowerSaver.An important item in the light of Russian energy prices.

Electric heated towel rail


electric towel rail itself can vary on the following grounds:

  • Stationary.This dryer is installed for a long time, and in the case of future repairs, it definitely has to be dismantled.
  • Rotary.A convenient option that allows you to change the position of the device in a horizontal plane.
  • Maslonapolennnye.The principle of operation of such a device is similar to the principle of the mental radiator.
  • With heating cable.Heating element is a cable.Compounded
  • .It combines previous two options
  • Wall.Mounted on the wall.
  • Floor.Nestle under the tile in the bathroom.
  • With the possibility of heating and cooling

Fixed heated towel rail

should carefully choose the way wiring elektrosushitelya.There are two options:

  • Hidden.All cables are laid in the wall.This method is more secure, because all things have a connection to the mains must avoid water ingress.
  • Open.Using conventional socket and plug.In terms of safety, this option is much worse.

When choosing an open connection option, it is necessary to withdraw the plug into koredor (or the next room) with the holes in the wall.

Heated towel rack in bathroom

As mentioned above the electric towel rail is of two kinds: oil and cable.What are their main advantages?

dryer Cable instantly heated and cooled.The advantage is that a heated towel rail does not require grounding.

Oil dryer heats up longer, but at the same time allows for longer retain heat in the room.Heating such a device comes from the bottom up (due to the location of the heating element at the bottom of the housing).

When choosing a device, you should not worry about the bathroom design.Towel can be found in different colors and shapes.The most common white dryer, gold, chrome color.In domestic manufacturers a choice of colors slightly less.

Compact towel dryer


As for the price issue, then a very large variety.From 8000 to 50000-70000 rubles.The question is, who needs a dryer for 50 thousand?The most commonly purchased by an electric heated towel rail in the range of 15 to 25 thousand rubles.Typically, oil is much cheaper dryers.

also worth pay attention to the choice between fixed and swivel towel rail.Second best fit in the bathrooms are small, when often need to get to the far shelf.

Floor dryers at prices more expensive wall.The advantages include the fact that such a device will not be an eyesore, a downside - it does not hang.

When choosing a towel dryer directly in the store, you should consult your dealer.

Choosing an electric heated towel rail