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August 12, 2017 18:07

Best photos of the interior of a small closet , expired in 2014

design small size toilet - think through the nuances

Repair any room begins with changes in the decoration, and they will need to design a small closet became comfortable.Let's start with the ceiling and walls.Although the latter may be in close proximity to you when you visit the restroom, you can create the illusion of space, using specific colors of finishing materials. transverse strip just visually pushing the walls, and the vertical - the high ceiling creates the impression .Diagonal create a double effect.Choosing red and white tiles, and putting these colors horizontal stripes, you will create an easy environment in which you will feel at ease.

design eliminates small size toilet seat, completely irrelevant either on the walls or on the ceiling.Firstly, you would not really necessary to contemplate yourself when using plumbing fixtures, and secondly, because of the reflections in the confined space of comfort in the room will be.Much better just to decorate the walls with tiles or plastic on the ceiling place several bulbs in a checkerboard pattern, and floors covered with laminate or all of the same tile.To create more comfort, you can use accessories such as small shelves or wall foam damp napkins.On the shelves you can place the shade-loving plants.

Design small toilet - how to fit the plumbing?

How many useful things you can put in the tank?It is unlikely, because the cover has a sloping shape or area it is small, and the whole toilet occupies a lot of space.It follows that, although plumbing is urgently needed, a lot of space because of it wasted.Design of a small closet to be ergonomic, and therefore should provide options for mounting at least two subjects in a small room.How to be?Use overhead plumbing.These include not only the toilet, and a bidet, as well as small bowls of shells (which, however, almost without exception false).

pipes in a small dressing room, it is desirable to hide behind collapsible panels of plastic or damp-proof gypsum board.Mounted on a hanging toilet special frame which is fastened to the wall but secured to the floor and thus has support.

tank built into it, which is why such a design called the installation.Width fixed frame with tank is slightly more than 11 centimeters, whereas the same parameter in the container floor around the toilet for at least 20 centimeters, plus the offset from the wall.As you can see - even the design of the toilet Q2.m. can be ergonomic, moreover, under the hinged toilet seat to the frame can be cleaned floors, which means that the room will be much clearer.the installation frame can be hidden narrow plasterboard panel as a projection which will serve as a shelf.You can close the plasterboard and the wall, making it a niche.

Design compact toilet with a small budget

Let's look at a few myths that prevent many to change the design of small-sized toilet.And, as it was previously for overhead plumbing, debunk the legend of the incredible expensive installations.If you do not take into account the gnarled toilet seats from unknown manufacturers, the price of hanging toilets on the contrary, slightly below the value of the classic.For example, if high-quality outdoor plumbing costs about $ 600, then suspended - about 500. Another myth - about the unreliability of the installations.Built tank does not flow for the simple reason that it is made of plastic, whose term of service is almost limitless without external physical influences.

very same frame can withstand the weight of up to 400 kilograms.With regard to the complexity of the installation, it all depends on the experience of visiting the master.In general, design installation process is more labor intensive than the installation of outdoor plumbing.But by setting a time frame, you can at any time change the style of the bathroom, hanging on her new toilet more beautiful shape.Another advantage - close to the wall commode will be able to hang a small sink.This luxury design is usually narrow toilet does not allow, but if you came to save the extra two feet of space, why not add the convenience?