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August 12, 2017 18:07

Corner wall of the living room - when there is little space

Select angular wall to the living room

Actually, the options are not so many - body sections or modular corner wall of the living room.Despite the great functionality and practicality of the second type, and there are many advantages in the first.So before you consider in detail the pros and cons, let's do a little comparative analysis and first look of furniture.In contrast to the models that are in demand in the period of the Soviet Union, modern wall no longer look so cumbersome, albeit of larger than modular.But their main advantage - the availability of capacity and wardrobe.Some housing models are available today not only with all the offices, but also have TVs with built .

lighter and takes up less space, modular walls rarely contain complete section for clothes, because all their usual separation are performed in the same format and the same small size.But this type of furniture allows you to easily change the overall look of the room by only one permutation of the individual sections.Being interconnected hinged shelves using screeds, the modules look easy, and the whole structure - the air.Given the frequent presence of the backlight, as well as the overall decor, when the facades are made of plastic and frosted glass, modular version it is hard not to take into account.Especially beneficial for such furniture in small spaces.

Hull corner wall for the hall -

selection criteria First of all, on what to look for when choosing cabinet enclosure - this capacity.If on the shelves, along with clothes and other necessary items in use will be stored a lot of air, angle wall for the hall will occupy a lot of space unnecessarily.With a choice between sections with shelves or compartments with drawers, give preference to the latter, they can fit a lot more things.Get the model only by well-known manufacturers who have established a batch production, in this case, if necessary, you can later update or wall, or to add a section of the same model that was purchased a few years ago.

Often in the rack housing is integrated cable management, there are special channels for pulling wires through them and highlight equipment.In this case, the wall of the living room with their hands is unlikely to be collected, it is better to call professionals or arrange to have made the assembly, those who sold you the furniture.Pay attention to the strength and quality of fittings: doors hinges, handles - everything has to be reliable.But from the rear wall, because of which you will not see your wallpaper, you can refuse if it is not the main connecting element racks, without which all fall apart instantly.You can also exclude the backlight if the room is a bright chandelier.

modular wall in the room with your hands - it's real

In contrast furrow options exist cabinets, modular, lightweight, mostly suspended on special brackets.However, such a wall in the room with their hands may be assembled in different ways, that is, part sections permissible set on the floor, other suspended separately, third flanges are joined.In general, these designs look really very air, as if to use innovative ways of placing modules will and very stylish.For example, why not hang on the wall section in the form of a tree or a maple leaf, modeled on the Canadian flag?Or arrange them steps, starting with the floor and stretching this kind of "march" to the ceiling?

The structure of modular walls can include sloping glass case shelves, drawers for DVD-ROM drive, brackets for the technology, as well as the usual bookshelves and drawers.

blocks are made of modular walls are usually made of particleboard, but you can choose a lighter (and more expensive) option of MDF.With processed PVC edges, without exception, the models look stylish, especially if the facade is covered with colored enamel instead of the usual veneer.Often you can find the series, finished and completely outside the box, when in the course are the coating of textiles or leather, artificial or natural (the last option would be a serious test for your budget).The modules are easy - you can not buy the whole series, as is the case when you buy the body kit, but only some sections.So you have the opportunity to combine units of different series, received as a result of the wall, one of the modules, which is covered with skin and the other - paint.