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August 12, 2017 18:06

Building a fence of corrugated hands - instructions , drawings , video

Any homeowner tends to surround your home fence, which is not only a means of protecting property, it also helps protect the privacy of the people who live behind it.

In choosing the material comes from each person's own criteria, the most universal of which are durability, practicality, ease of installation and handling.It is these properties has decking that-in contrast to the chain-link fencing, fence from which we have considered, allows you to completely hide the house from someone else's eyes.

consider in what way to take up the construction of the fence so widespread and favorite by many material.

Preparing to install the fence

to work on the installation of the fence there were no interruptions and delays, it is necessary to make some preparations.

main of these activities are:

  • Calculating the number and the purchase of material.For this purpose it is necessary to define the perimeter of the enclosing territory and take into account the height of the planned fence.
  • particular installation and wicket gate for entry of vehicles.
  • Definition step installation supporting pillars.Step determined based on the specific circumstances, but it should not exceed 3 meters.
  • Site preparation for carrying out the works.To this end, from the area of ​​future work should be removed all the objects and elements that are a nuisance, and the zone itself must be aligned.


To install the fence of corrugated


primarily defined and are marked places where the fence will be installed.For this purpose, between the corners of the future of the fence is stretched cord, which is marked along the installation of the supporting pillars.

As the supporting pillars, typically used metal pipe or square profiles.Of course, possible to use wooden poles or bars, but you must not forget about the short period of their service.In the case of metal elements necessary to pay much attention to the prevention of corrosion.For this purpose all of the elements must be painted before installation, and their upper edges are closed by any material capable of preventing moisture from entering the internal cavity.

support members must have the following dimensions:

  • minimum diameter of 75 mm, if the pipe is used
  • cross-section of about 60 × 60 mm, if applicable square profiles.

installation - fence - from - sheeting

Installing supporting pillars

Installation pillars begins with the preparation of the pits, which can be made using a hand drill.The depth of the pits may be from 70 to 100 cm, which is determined by the height of the fence.Typically, the depth is 30% of the height of the fence.

very same installation supporting pillars can be produced using compaction and concreting.Moreover, the first method differs cheapness, and the second - the reliability.In the case of concrete concrete mix is ​​prepared from a mixture of cement, sand and gravel in a ratio of 1: 3: 4 diluted with water.

pole setting must be made in the following sequence:

  • Set extreme poles and pull a cord on their upper edge.
  • height intermediate pillars aligned on the stretched cord.
  • Use the spirit level or plumb line to check the correct position of each column.
  • Another pillar installed only after the concrete has set, under the previous one.This period can be from 2 to 3 days.


Mounting lag

installing poles, you must go to the installation mezhstolbovyh lag, which will be attached profiled.This operation is performed, usually by welding.However, it can also be done with the bolts.

As the lag can be used:

  • Area 40 × 40 mm
  • profile rectangular section 25 × 40 mm.

per meter height of the fence should be at least one lag.After finishing assembling the carcass structure, it is necessary to cover a layer of paint in order to prevent possible corrosion.

assembling corrugated sheeting

installation on a prepared frame is the final stage of work.

Fastening sheets produced using self-tapping screws for metal, twists or an electric screwdriver with the bat in the recessed part of the wave at a distance of 100-150 mm from one another.With strained cords can control the height of the installation of corrugated sheets and the level of screwing screws.

During work you must take precautions, because all the metal edges are sharp.These edges must tint with special polymeric inks, and all work should be carried out in protective gloves.

for cutting corrugated board should be used grinder, pre-wearing goggles.The resulting whilst cutting edge must be treated with a file.