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August 12, 2017 18:07

The carpet in the living room - the material , size and color are important

Carpets for the hall - from which they are made?

Undoubtedly, high-quality and beautiful carpet is a real decoration of the living room, making it a warm, cozy and comfortable.That is why it is so important to competently approach to his choice, in particular, to the choice of material product manufacturing.Traditionally, to talk about natural and synthetic carpets. Natural carpets for a living usually made of wool, silk or animal skins, fur.

Wool Fabrics are soft, environmentally friendly and provide improved comfort during use.Furthermore, such carpets have a low degree of thermal conductivity, which allows them to not be heated in the hottest day and give the feet a pleasant coolness.This is especially significant in the case where the flooring for the living room is made of tiles.However, it is worth considering that such carpets accumulate static electricity, easy to absorb various kinds of pollution.

Carpets made of silk differ astonishing beauty and a wide palette of colors.Compared with woolen goods, they are quite thin, so as to serve more decorative covering to the floor than to protect from the cold leg.

made of natural fur or animal skin rugs allow us to make the interior of the living room an original and comfortable, but the price "bite" strongly enough.In addition, such products are allergenic, and they are not recommended to purchase, if there are children in your family.It is quite another - artificial carpets.Modern technologies and materials allow to be born a real work of art of carpet weaving, which, among other things, a little inferior to natural products in quality.The most widely used for the manufacture of synthetic carpets purchased the following materials:

  • rayon or viscose;
  • nylon;
  • polyester fiber resembling wool;
  • acrylic fiber.

Finished products are pleasant to the touch, they can have a different shape, color, pile length and size.They are absolutely safe for children and adults with allergies.Synthetic carpets have a high degree of wear resistance, do not lose brightness and attractiveness of sunlight, not afraid of wet cleaning.Thus, if you are wondering about how to choose carpet for the living room, that he had served faithfully for many years, pay attention to the material of manufacture.

How to choose a carpet in the living room - focus on

size When choosing a floor mat is recommended to be defined in advance to its size.This will prevent the disorder from the fact that he is too small and does not cover the desired area in the living room, or inconvenience that would entail his crop.To date, depending on the dimensions are three major groups of products of this type.

The first group includes carpets that can hide an area of ​​6 m2 or more, in the second - floor covering an area of ​​3-6 m2, and the third includes products area not more than 3 m2.Accordingly, it is a large, medium and small carpets.It should be noted that the size of the product often determines its functionality.

For large carpet on the floor in the living room serves to underscore the unity of its space, style interior orientation, ensures easy movement across the floor.Small mats, on the contrary, perfectly suited for the room zoning - allocation of a children's play area, dining room or bedroom combined with a living room.Can decorate your living room not one but several carpets.In this case the main thing that they are not discordant with each other and do not violate the harmony of the interior.

Carpets in interior room - what to look for?

In the interior design of the living room carpet should be given special attention, as it allows you to place profitable accents hide defects room layout, visually narrow or expand the living room, etc. If furnish the living room and the selection of furniture you prefer monotonous surfaces, the carpet can easily be decorated with an interesting pattern or ornament.

Conversely, if upholstery or wallpaper decorated with colorful patterns, the carpet should be monotonous.The product is a perfectly geometric pattern emphasizes minimalism and austerity of the interior, is suitable for most modern styles of his design.However, in this case, the carpet pattern should overlap with the pattern on the curtains.This is the classic method.

Ideally, the selected product a few shades lighter or darker than the floor.Failure to follow this rule, you run the risk of so-called "eyesore" - the carpet is too stand in the background and gender evident - or barely able to find the boundary between the floor and the carpet.

Note the area of ​​the room and its degree of illumination.The traditional solution is to use light materials and products, if you want to make the room visually larger and brighter.I was no exception and carpet in the room.Dark shades of carpets leading to narrowing of the visual and living its darkening.As for the shape of the product, it also has considerable importance.

most common form of carpet for the living room is: round, oval, square, rectangular, polygonal.Round products allow the correct proportions of a long and narrow living room, square and rectangular are ideal if you want to emphasize the geometry of the room.Thus, the selection of carpet for the living room - it is a certain work, which will require you to power, investments and time.However, the result fully compensates all the effort.