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August 12, 2017 18:07

Tables for the living room as one of the most important elements of furniture

What are the tables for the living room

How will your furnished room in an apartment or a country house (in the latter case it is customary to call this room the living room), depends largely on the area of ​​the room.If you live in Khrushchev, it is unlikely you have a very large room.That means it will fit just any headset greatly curtailed, some items which have to distribute to other rooms, or you carefully selected the most important in the interior furniture.Coffee table in such cases relates to the necessary but not seat him uncomfortable guests would, therefore, need and a dining option.

To calculate how many people will fit a square table, select each of at least 60 centimeters of space.The round models are calculated using the formula: Diameter multiplied by pi, and then the result is divided by 60, and get a number of people, rounding down.

golden mean will be the hybrid model, which may if necessary be transformed from one version to another. squat coffee table with the help of simple manipulations become a high dining

.And if it is a full transformer, can be increased and its area.However, if in the corner will be a small serving table, if necessary can be used as coffee, drove up to a sofa or armchair.For meetings, guests can use square, oval folding dining tables for the living room, sliding or fully collapsible, cottage type.As you can see, a lot of options.

Transforming tables for the living room - seating for the number of guests

never know how many people will come to the next birthday.Maybe less than invited, and maybe more, old friends suddenly descend.And it will be very inconvenient when you can not all sit comfortably.Buy as a giant dining table for 12 people - means to take all of this detail of the interior living room, giving up many other furniture items.However, we can proceed prudently acquiring Transforming tables for a living.This may be a sliding model, as well as the "butterfly" or "book" (that is, in principle, the same thing), have round options, increasing in the process of rotation.

to sliding can be attributed not only to the standard tables, consisting of two divergent halves, between which is possible as a result of fit additional board.There are some models that have moved apart the individual elements in the form of wings or petals, turning the square into a circular plane.In the first case, the table is quite versatile and can stand as a wall, and the middle of the room, in the second - convenient, because the circle is easier to seat guests.Sometimes the petals are doing a table in front of the formless, but increase the number of seats.

Coffee table for living room - a rich selection of

If you have a fireplace, built in country style, decorated with natural or artificial stone, the same material can be made and a coffee table.A massive slab of black marble or granite on thick bronze legs will look very impressive, most importantly, so that the rest of the interior has been designed in a similar style.Very nice glass model, and not necessarily that they are transparent, black glass, similar to the polished obsidian, yellow, amber-like - it's all very stylish.The only inconvenience - going for a drink this tea table, will have to cover it with a tablecloth, from scratches and grinding utensils glass.

There are also quite unusual options, such as a coffee table for the living room made of wood and covered with cloth or leather on top, like an ottoman.The second option, of course, more practical, it can be used not only as a room decoration, but also to ensure that in close range of a cup of coffee, without fear of shedding the surface countertops.You can also surprise your guests by putting in a recreation area near the soft chairs, a table, covered with ceramic tiles or natural linoleum. Recently in fashion includes interior items from bamboo and rattan, and a fully woven, is no exception and a coffee table .