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August 12, 2017 18:07

Drainage in the bathroom

Water pipes

For pipelines for various purposes are used various materials, pipe diameters, as well as the types of compounds.As of today, are widespread network constructed from plastic pipes, as well as fittings and details applied during installation.

Drainage in the bathroom most often used for the installation of pipes:

  • Plastic - made up of a hollow aluminum core, the outer and the inner surface of which is coated with polyethylene;Among the advantages can be identified versatility, ease of installation and ability to withstand high pressure.
  • polypropylene - the most common material for water supply networks.They are characterized by corrosion resistance, long-term operational capability, reliability, formed connections with their low cost (diffusion bonding) and the possibility of laying networks of any configuration.

Sewerage bathroom

Earlier sewer pipes were laid in most cases made of cast iron.In today's time most commonly used PVC pipes, because they are durable, easy to install and, in comparison with cast iron, have a low weight.To connect them use the flare fittings with rubber seals.

Drainage in the bathroom

layout of pipes in the bathroom

Depending on the type of pipe fixing wiring in the bathroom can be done in two ways: open and closed.In the open method, the pipe must be securely attached to the wall in order to avoid changes in the slope and sewage violations form of water pipes.This layout allows you to use any type of pipe.

Drainage in the bathroom

When closed wiring laying pipes is carried out in special Stroebe or concealing structures such as ducts, screens and falshsteny.But we must not forget that there are some restrictions for the installation of plastic pipe.


In order to enable the timely repair of the network, there is a shut-off and control valves for water supply and sewerage networks in the bathroom.Valves (faucets and taps) allows you to stop the flow of water in case of breakage, so it should be installed at the entrance to the apartment.Just overlapping cranes installed on each sanitary appliances.

Drainage in the bathroom

It is also necessary to establish arrangements for monitoring the water pressure (pressure-reducing components, valves).Before you buy such devices, you must be convinced of their reliability, availability, monitor performance.It is important to make sure that the device is ready for use, carefully check the seal and serviceability of each detail.

laying sewerage and water supply

Drainage in the bathroom laid in view of the following characteristics:

  1. To ensure the promotion of non-pressure waste water network must adhere to certain values ​​of the slope of pipes in all areas (2-3 mm per linearmeter)
  2. for connection to the sewer plumbing fixtures shall be permitted only in parallel connection, which is used in order to avoid disruption of water gates
  3. best for accession instruments are flexible hoses with corrugated

best type of backbone cabling is a fan-shaped water pipe.When it produces a uniform analysis of the water at the points of connection of users.In order to perform the work on laying the water pipeline in the home need to read additional literature, or else seek help from a qualified technician.

It is important to remember that when installing concealed wiring should be to achieve the smallest amount of fittings in the supply line.Also important is that the materials and fittings to the material of the pipe diameter.

qualitative performance of installation and testing of the entire system at a laying of communications in the bathroom is vital.On this depends the existence of a comfortable climate and friendly atmosphere not only in the bathroom, but in the whole house.