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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bedroom for the girl

Choose your style bedrooms

  1. romantic bedroom for girls

first style that comes to mind when talking about the girl's bedroom - this is, of course, romantic.It combines an abundance of floral patterns and figures, unusual decorations and accessories, textile and fishnet details.The best shades of this style in the bedroom are light pink, beige, peach, green, lilac.Bedroom for girls 10

  1. Minimalism in interior

practical girl, wants to be "in the stream" fashion trends, fit this style.Characteristic differences are distinct, minimalist form, the use of pure colors (black, white, gray), a large number of metal and glass, the presence of a minimum of furniture and accessories, modern appliances.Bedroom for girls 4

  1. Classical bedroom for girls

If a girl short of funds, the classical style - the perfect solution.Each bar shows the style of luxury and wealth owner of the room.Distinctive features of this style: expensive original parts, wallpaper and fabrics, calm tones, natural materials for furniture and accessories.

  1. Cottage

Every detail of style cottage feel the warmth and charm of the owner of the room.The main features of the style - a bright color of the walls, bright accessories, capacious white furniture.Bedroom for girls 5

  1. East or Arabic

Oriental style attracts girls with their uniqueness and mystery.The main differences are the arch, a variety of niches, abundant carpets, wide and low furniture.

Bedroom for girls 6

Zoning room

In creating the interior should take into account the location of windows and doors, room area, placement of furniture.Design girl's bedroom should be thought over to the smallest detail, as one room has to perform several functions, from sleep and rest before accepting guests.Therefore, a reasonable solution would be to use zoning of the room.

If you allow the size of the bedroom, the room can be divided into 4 zones: just sleeping, working, and a guest cloakroom.If the room is small, the area can be combined (working with a guest bedroom with dressing room).Divide the area in various ways.The most common - is plasterboard partitions or movable screens on the rollers, the separation of parts of the curtains of the room.

Bedroom for girls 3

Highlight Zone function can be using different colors and materials.However, be aware that the colors do not have to be sharply contrasted, but too similar, too, should not be.

When planning the interior of a bedroom for the girl must comply with health requirements: the work area should be placed near the window, where there is natural light.The sleeping area, on the contrary, must be isolated and impassable.Therefore, a good option is to divide the zoning by means of color.For example, for the written work and work at a computer suitable bright lamp-light, in a recreation area of ​​the light should be dim and diffuse.

Bedroom for girls 7

Decor Ideas for girl's bedrooms

different decorative elements will help make the room unique and unique.It manifests itself in such detail the mood and character of the girl.We offer you a small workshop for the production of unusual accessories with their own hands.

Bedroom for 2 girls

Making mirrors

decorative frame Even with a modest budget can turn old interior objects into works of art.

Bedroom for girls 11

to a bedroom for the girl absorbed the individual character of the hostess, is to decorate her own handmade product.For the conversion of a conventional mirror decoration mirror needed, masking tape, film, acrylic primer spray, spray paint with the effect of gold, decorative flowers, ribbons or lace, scissors, glue stick, quick-drying glue.

  1. order not to spoil the surface of the mirror at work, you need to close the film with masking tape.
  2. Carefully shake the bottle with acrylic primer.Apply it on the mirror frame and dry for about 20 minutes.
  3. Glue decorative braid or lace around the perimeter of the mirror, using a glue stick.
  4. For gilded frames should be sprayed evenly spray paint at a distance of 25-30 cm.
  5. To paint has dried completely, it is necessary to leave the almost finished product per day.Then, quick-drying glue to glue decorative flowers.
  6. Our decorative mirror in a gilded frame is ready.It may well become an ornament to the bedroom in a romantic style.

Different styles of interior design you can create the room for every taste.But exactly what the young hostess chooses itself, and would be the best design solution.

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