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August 12, 2017 18:07

Replacing a toilet bowl - approach the matter with the mind


Directly before removing the old toilet should be concerned by the presence of a set of essential tools.These specialists include hammer drill with a diameter of at least 10 mm;wrench;set of wrenches;silicone sealant and a variety of screwdrivers.All of these tools are indispensable for dismantling the old and installing the new product.

should not replace conventional hammer drill, as the quality and speed of their work differ at times!

So, the availability of tools tested, all on the ground.After that, pay attention to sanitation.In the first place it is necessary several times to drain the water from the tank, which will allow a little hedge against the occurrence of waste products in the toilet installation.A little bit, because the discharge of water is not in this case, an effective solution to the problem, because in the pipeline, for sure, there are solid deposits.

They also complicate the work on dismantling the toilet.Eliminate them using special household cleaning products, designed to combat clogged pipes.After that, proceed to dismantle the product.

How to change the toilet - dismantle the old product

If you will be replacing the toilet, is to determine in advance the order in which work will be performed.As a rule, there are two versions of events.In the first case you are installing a new product to the place of the old.Of course, you can not pull it off, if you do not perform a preliminary dismantling.The second case involves the installation of a new product in a different place.This can be done, first of its installation, and only then proceed to the dismantling of the old toilet.

order not to lose time on ritual dances around the article with thoughts on how the parties come to him, it is necessary to know the precise sequence of actions.To begin, you closes the water, then it is possible to disassemble the tank.Typically, at this stage there is no problem, and fixing elements can be turned out easily enough.

much more difficulty can create lower catch, which is connected to the toilet to the floor.Cases when the product tightly "drowned" in the cement hill.That's in the Soviet time plumbing installed, hoping, perhaps, that it will last a century.Hope is not always justified, so the descendants of inhabitants of the country of the Soviets forced to put a lot of effort to ensure that the separate toilet from the floor.Reliable assistant in this becomes a punch or a regular hammer.

When working with hammer protects the eye from small fragments and dust!

Solving the problem of how to replace the toilet, do not forget that you are working with the sewer pipes.This is important for the reason that in the process of dismantling the system can pour a small amount of water.You need to be ready for that and keep on hand a rag and a bucket.After completely dismantling the toilet should be cleaned of debris and sediment receiving hole and carry out its sealing.It uses a conventional polyethylene and adhesive tapes.

How to replace a toilet - set a new product

Immediately before replacing the toilet, check the new product on the integrity and completeness of the kit.His fasteners and parts must be in place.Mounted on a special toilet bowl gasket, in which you can use as a piece of linoleum or rubber.She, in turn, secured with silicone sealant to the floor in the place of installation of the product.

Then the floor with the gun drilled holes for fasteners. You can use the fasteners that were included, however, experts recommend to abandon them in favor of the traditional anchors. Firstly, this mount will be more reliable, and secondly, you can buy plugs into any building and sanitary shop.

After drilling holes in the floor in which the dowels are inserted and then set himself the toilet.Mounts securely tightened, it remains only to connect all the pipes, as the installation of the toilet tank, as well as its dismounting only is to work with bolts and nuts, and is not difficult.

deserves special attention corrugation.It's amazing how in the last century did without this element.It is intended for connecting sewer and the toilet bowl outlet.Distinguished by flexibility and strength at the same time, this element greatly facilitates the connection of the toilet to the sewer system.

For this corrugation on both sides covered with a layer of sealant about 2-3 cm wide and securely inserted into the sewer pipe socket and the toilet hole.After solidification of the sealant should check the product ready for use, by draining the water from the tank.For greater certainty make it 2-3.If there is nowhere to leaks, you can congratulate yourself - replacing the toilet with his hands was a success!

thus adding to your luggage with the knowledge of the installation of the toilet, you can decorate your bathroom a new practical and functional element of the interior.