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August 12, 2017 18:07

Restoration of ceramic tiles - that everyone should know the owner ?

As tile comes into disrepair?

Even despite its immense popularity in modern society, the history of ceramic tile goes into the distant past.Ceramics has long been considered the best material for decoration, temples, baths.

And now, when hundreds of patented technologies are the production of such material, each customer can choose the tiles, arrange its size, characteristics, and color scheme.

Cause damage to the tiles usually lies in the high humidity, improper fastening material on the wall or floor, use abrasives to clean the surface.This not only spoils the appearance of the material, but also deteriorates its practical qualities.Today

repair paving slabs or any other options is fairly fast, it is important only promptly contact the experts immediately after discovery of the defect.

How to restore the integrity of the picture?

If the tiles split , and part of it fell out of the wall, you can put the piece back, pre-grind left on the wall surface of the solution.Complete procedure can be immediately after the breakaway piece snaps into place.Usually this option is used in cases when you need to restore a large canvas, and you can not buy an identical version of the tile.

If the tiles fell with cement base, you need to carefully remove the cement from the surface finishing material, as well as to clear the wall.Such repair ceramic tiles will be to complete the alteration work.It will be necessary to remove the entire structure and to prepare a new basis on which to put the pieces fell.

Usually, the main problem arises in installing tiles on the same level, even the smallest cement layers deform a flat surface.

Finish the repair tile in the bathroom can be difficult because of the high humidity.Water vapor interacting with the solutions, their concentration change.If a person needs to finish the job, and he can not do not use the bathroom at least a day, it is important to ensure good ventilation of the room.There are several options how to update the old tile in the bathroom, some advice is available for those who have never been associated with the repair work.

Cosmetic tiles

Typically, small stains, spots remaining after repair, are removed from the tiles with a soft cloth or rag.If serious pollution, it is recommended to use window cleaners.In order not to suffer the question, how to update the tile in the kitchen, just need to assess its condition and to perform a thorough cleaning.After that, you will notice all the chips, scratches and bumps.

As always remains urgent cleaning composition based on soap solution, it perfectly copes with all the pollution, but it is important to ensure that the particles of soap were completely removed on completion of the procedure.Ceramic Kitchen aprons are often covered with a layer of fat, it can be brushed off with acetone or turpentine solution.

conducting repairs bathroom of ceramic tiles with a pattern of dolphins, people are often faced with the problem of contamination of surfaces in relief.Immediately after completion of the repair work must be carefully walk on the edge of the convex patterns with a cotton swab.Cleaning supplies can become an alcoholic solution.

To understand how to restore the tile in the bathroom, you need to examine the damage.The mold is removed by specialized formulations whiten the surface in the home can be with the help of lemon juice and a small crack - remove a special lacquer, sold in DIY stores.