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August 12, 2017 18:08

living room with electric Design : the modern comfort

Instead of thousands of antidepressants

modern center can match different styles depending on the preferences of owners:

  • classic or classic high
  • Baroque;
  • Nouveau;
  • country;
  • concise.

Instead, thousands of anti-depressants

Modern fireplaces are not limited to any external decoration, nor in the ways of realization or in fuels.This fact allows us to have them all, who dreams about them, regardless of the conditions.

Classic or Classic High

Modern hearth corresponds to different styles

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces

Classic is not available to everyone, but the owners of private houses and cottages can afford to have a real fireplace in the living room, a crackling, giving warmth and light fragrance.Wood Burning Fireplace simply must be the main focus of the room.A prerequisite to be called is located in close proximity to fire a special set of (poker, brush, tongs, peak, shovel ash) and folded neatly pile of firewood.

equipping the house a real fire you should take care not only of its kind, but certainly are excellent chimney.

Traditional wood-burning fireplaces

Gas fireplaces

This option eliminates the difficulties with finding fuel, because it is connected to a centralized gas system.Externally, it practically does not differ from the classical, except for the lack of accessories and a wider design space (if you have a wood-burning hearths, in the main, traditional decor, the gas can look like anything).

The downside is that the feeling of "live" fire dulled without cracking the wood and a subtle smell of smoke.

Gas fireplaces


Will secure a practical way to carry out the desire to have a home fireplace.In apartment buildings, which are not provided for this large extraction chamber, the electric heater will be the most affordable option:

  • safe;
  • aesthetic;
  • simple and manageable.

Imitation of live fire in them so realistic and is complemented by a real warmth (optional), it is easy to believe that you are in a real fire.


Raised fireplaces

It is rather simple decorative element than really focus, however, it is so simple in execution and in diverse variations, which is the most common form of the former Soviet Union.

Raised fireplace does not need air bleed, it can hardly serve space of the room, and inside it does not have to be a fire (graphic, candles) or wood.It is convenient to place that warms the soul - photos, souvenirs, memorabilia - or elements, combined with a lively living room interior.

any materials used to manufacture false.

Raised fireplace


Fireplace can be on an even wall space, and in the corner.In the first case it is important that the wall equipped with the hearth was not the door and preferably even windows.Ideally, it is placed on the wall opposite the door.Corner fireplace must rest on two walls without doors.

Fireplace room or living room with fireplace is bright only in the case of execution of design focus in bright finish - white marble, white plaster.In other cases, several darkened room.In any case, in the room should not be oversaturated with light - light being its main source.

Fireplace can also be located in a corner

Fireplace in the living room with his hands

Decorative fireplace for ambiance or electric device is quite simple to perform personally.For those wishing to try their hand and place in your home or a real dining room kitchen living room with fireplace - Master Class with photo on manufacturing decorative fireplace.

Fireplace in the living room with his hands

There are many varieties of design, materials and installation, and everyone uses that best fits his home.The most common form of erection of structures in houses and apartments now rightly be called drywall.He will be the foundation structure.
Step by Step:

  1. Making the measurements according to the developed project and we put the marks on the floor and walls.
  2. From metal profiles CD, UD collect solid frame.

    From collecting frame profiles

  3. supply an electric power source (if it is not purely decorative fireplace).
  4. sheathe plasterboard construction (heat-resistant electric fireplaces to choose).

    Sheathe plasterboard construction step 1

    Sheathe plasterboard construction step 2

  5. Top set mantelpiece.

    Install the mantel

  6. install and connect the artificial electrical component.

    Connect the electrical component of an artificial pitch 1

    Connect artificial electrical component Step 2

  7. realize finish.

    We sell finish step 1

    We sell finish step 2

allowed to show imagination on the last stage.A reliable and practical way to trim is decorative brick (as pictured), natural or artificial stone, tiles.With the electric heater is better not to experiment - some materials when heated, not only spoiled, but also emit harmful substances.However, for decorative devices have lots of options to make them not just a part of the interior, and his heart.For example, an artificial fireplace suitable wood trim, leather or any other option.