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August 12, 2017 18:08

Design a bathroom with shower .The best examples of the interior with photos .

bathroom with shower - what convenience

Modern design bathroom with shower involves a huge number of different interior solutions.This is due to a wide range of this type of plumbing.A variety of forms, the depth of pallets and flaps configuration, the presence of additional features - the choice is really huge.Even the style of the booths may vary.

Bathroom with shower

Note!It is necessary to understand the difference between the cabin of the shower box or corner.The first has the compact dimensions of the pallet, where you can stand or sit, the walls and roof.Boxing, in fact, is a bath, framed all of the above and equipped with additional facilities.Small pallet often is not at all.This wall or ceiling shower, separate partitions (one or two, with or without door).

Bathroom with boxing

Bathroom with shower

Corner bath

Bathing become pleasant and comfortable due to the following advantages of the sanitary ware.

  • It requires less space to accommodate than usual bath.This saving is particularly important for small spaces.
  • Reduced water costs.No need to type an entire tub of water for bathing is beneficial brightens receipts for utility services.
  • Multifunctional products (hydro, parobanya, aromatherapy, inhalation, and others.) Allows you to enjoy the hygienic procedures in full.
  • Taking a shower booths safer than in the bath.Area is small, so he struck the strong, and the pallet has anti-slip coating.
  • Extensive interior design bathroom.

Depending on the area, a bathroom with shower has some nuances of design and layout.See photos of products suitable for small and large room.

Shower interior of a small bathroom

in a tiny room, where every square centimeter counts, shower baths often replaces a bulky cup.The best option in this case will make it available in a free corner.It is rational, and can serve as a visual extension of the room, if you choose a model with transparent glass doors.At the entrance to the bathroom eye will not abut the limiting space opaque partition.

Shower small bathroom

The cabin is in a small bathroom

Stay semi-circular shape of the pallet.Models in the form of a rectangle or square are appropriate if there a suitable niche in the wall.Making repairs bathroom, to carry out the necessary communications equipment for their shower.In order to save precious space it is recommended to get the product to the sliding or sliding doors.However, remember that for a comfortable wash its size should not be less than 80x80 cm.

Rectangular shower

Examples of design for a large walk-in bath

Happy owners of bathrooms large area and do not give up everything they showers.Space limitations in such cases is small, so all the power can be given to interior design, purchasing luxury goods.Often, they form a beautiful "duet" with the usual bathroom.

Shower large bathroom

You can even between models of stylistic solutions, which will correspond to the general spirit of the interior.Thematic photos will look into this matter more deeply.For example, a cabinet in the classical style - the color profiles is an expensive wood, glass doors in gilded patterns, pallet made of natural stone or simulate it.

Shower in a classic style

Shower interior of high-tech integrated into the corresponding interior, if you have the glass sash and frame color "metallic".No decor, simplicity and brevity forms, lights - the ideal solution.

Shower in high-tech style

Please note that this spacious bathroom plumbing can have not only a corner, but the near-wall, freestanding placement.In the latter case it is recommended to choose the model of a cylindrical shape.

Thus the modern technology used in the manufacture of showers, good embodiment of design ideas, and financial capabilities allow you to turn your bathroom into an extremely comfortable and attractive room.