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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design Bedroom

What's bedroom and what you want to design?

Neither the designer does not have the extrasensory and can not guess about your preferences.On this you have to tell yourself, or at least hint at their behavior.Who are you at heart?Bach, a romantic, a dreamer or a man of aristocratic blood?Once you can answer these two questions, ideas overwhelm you and your designer.Projects bedrooms set, because each of them displayed the soul of the owner.And now in order.Design Bedroom

brief description of the various designs for bedrooms

  • Classic bedroom design.To implement the project of such a plan, you must have a room with a regular shape and large windows.Usually, there are used mainly gold and white colors.All looks discreet and elegant, strictly, but tasteful.
  • Bedroom in country style.Although the style is called country style, but it has its own charm and originality.In these bedrooms you can see the mats, dried flowers and wicker chairs.Use only natural materials, with wood and stone.
  • Ethno bedroom.In them there are things that are associated with a certain nationality and its flavor.A striking example - the eastern ethno.
  • Eco.As the name implies, a bedroom in this style is full of nature and freshness.It should be light and airy, the owner feels comfortable not only physically, but also mentally.
  • Hi-tech bedroom.In these rooms is used mainly black, gray and white.They are simple, elegant and clear.The design is suitable for active people.Design Bedroom
  • Biedermeier style.Necessarily the presence of indoor plants.Furniture need not be expensive and luxurious, but the practicality, quality and convenience - its main criteria.The advantages of matte, satin and velvet fabrics.
  • Minimalism.Using this style for your bedroom, get ready for the fact that it will be almost nothing, only the bare necessities: a bed and a small nightstand.Colours are mainly black, white and gray.Design Bedroom
  • Art d├ęco.This style will suit the optimists.Bright and expressive items are welcome.In the bedroom with the design, you can see a combination of several styles.
  • Baroque.In order to design a bedroom in a similar style, your room should be a decent size.Colours varied, welcome gilding and painting.
  • Vintage style.It also combines antiques with modern.As a rule, bedrooms are painted in bright colors and decorated with antique furniture.Design Bedroom
  • Modern.In these bedrooms all smooth, refined and plastic.There are no sharp corners.Materials can be combined, using wood, glass, plastics and stones.
  • Provence style.The room should be painted in pastel colors and furnished with earthy furniture (chests, cabinets).The bed is always a carved back and legs.

See photos, choose a design and a dream come true!We wish you good luck.