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August 12, 2017 18:06

Select trimmers for themselves - functions, features , characteristics

to spend less time and effort mowing grass in the area, you should use the mechanisms intended for this purpose - trimmers, trimmers and lawn mowers.With their help, it will be possible to maintain the territory adjacent to the house is in excellent condition.trimmers advantage is that it is not "tied" to a power source, such as electric spit.In addition, it allows the use of grass mowing on uneven terrain areas, as well as in hard to reach areas (eg under bushes).It is less safe, since the use of electricity is always the possibility of electric shock.

main thing - to choose "their" plait.To do something about sickle know.They differ in how the engine and configuration (shape of the handle and rod).Consider the features of different models.

What to look for when choosing trimmers?

Since braids purpose is to mow the vegetation, the first thing you have to look at cutting tools.Household trimmers are equipped with steel or plastic blades.As the cutting part of the saw blade are also used nylon or wood.On this basis, it is necessary to consider that the line is absolutely unsuitable for work in areas where there are shrub thickets.She also did not get cut twigs and young shoots of trees.Blades made of plastic, in turn, can not be sharpened.

pick - sickle - 1

better to get a universal model, which has the ability to change the cutting tool.It should wonder how easily and quickly perform such a replacement.It should be understood that the steel blades and discs during operation tupyatsya.And then what?If they are sharpened, how?Can you do it yourself?If the manufacturer provides a spare cutter, how much it in the scope of delivery and can I buy retail?After all, she trimmers designed for a long service life.Steel blade may break, and where can I get another?

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Chainsaws are usually 2 or 4-stroke "engine".The former have a somewhat lower weight, but when the noise is much greater.While bundled headphones are going enjoyed while working.Therefore, everyone chooses the model at its discretion.Power "spit" may be up to 1.5 hpAnother such nuance - 4T models need to keep a few with a slope angle.It is necessary to hit oil on all parts of the spit.But 2T model, you can keep whatever you like, in any position they work steadily.

should dwell separately on the boom and arm.The bar can be either straight or angled.For direct configuration to transmit rotary motion cutting tool is used a steel rod.The angular structures used for this purpose steel cable.

Practice shows that the angular models are less reliable, and the power they have less.However, the "bent" bar steel knives are not applicable, since this configuration it is easy to break the knife.There are models with a folding bar, but they are short-lived.

handles may have a different shape.They are called T, D or J - shaped.T-handle is well suited for use in open and relatively flat areas.This configuration follows the shape of the traditional braids and allows you to make big wide "swing."Handle in Form D is more suitable for handling "difficult" areas: along the fences and buildings, under bushes, in the trees.For areas with high vegetation suited to plait handle J-shaped.By the way, it is the best in terms of safety.

And yet, focusing on the technical characteristics and the cost of a particular model, do not forget about the convenience of using just "this" oblique.If it is good, "falls" into the hands of, not impede the passage, then, most likely, your choice is made correctly.I recommend to watch the video - the expert says about choosing brushcutters and its maintenance: