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August 12, 2017 18:07

What the fridge is better: user reviews

What refrigerator brand is better?

With the first aspect of the choice is simple, leaders today have decided: Ariston, LG, Bosch, Snaige, Daewoo, Indesit, Electrolux and Zanussi producing refrigerators of various configurations and in all price ranges.In addition, these companies on the market more than a year, and therefore seriously cherish its reputation by releasing products with stable quality.

But do not ignore the other options.For example, good reviews from domestic brands Biryusa, Saratov, Pozis, Smolensk.Well established in the Russian market and the North, Atlanta, and at the World Ardo, AEG, Liebherr, Kaiser, Siemens, Hansa, Beko, Vestel, Fagor, Gorenje, Vestfrost, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba.

Reviews of refrigerators

refrigerator Design

A second aspect of the choice as simple as that.Purely personal perception likes / dislikes plays a major role.Plus, the design space in which the refrigerator stand, also affects the choice of style.Now you can pick up the machine for any style or appearance alone turn it almost into a work of art, thanks to airbrushing and vinyl stickers.

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refrigerator according to personal preferences

Analysis Reviews possible to identify the main criteria by which one can understand how a particular fridge is right for you.Ask yourself the questions posed, and the uncertainty in the choice of what is best refrigerator, you will leave.

  1. volume for storage of fresh or frozen products, as well as the camera with the presence / absence of a quick deep-freezing must be considered with the proposed change in the coming years, requests (increase in family or, on the contrary, the departure of a family member).
  2. Conventional products are stored in a standard refrigerator compartment.Fresh chilled fish and meat stored in "chambers freshness' humid (3 - 0 degrees), vegetables and fruits are stored in a" fresh cells "with high humidity (90%).If your basic diet constitute the frozen products, such separation must be.
  3. lovers to store products in advance for the long term fit refrigerators with freezer and bulk mode **** (rapid freezing).
  4. If there is no need to freeze completely, you can choose a cooler or refrigerated cabinets without freezer.
  5. In case of frequent power outages longer keep the refrigerator products with thick walls.
  6. When selecting the fridge in a city apartment, consider the size of the entrance and front door, to avoid unpleasant surprises after the purchase.
  7. For rural or suburban home refrigerator, it is desirable to select resistant to severe voltage drop (as if lightning strikes), if not gromozaschity at home.

As you can see, the question of which is better refrigerator, is not entirely correct, because the main thing is his choice - individual requirements.

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