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August 12, 2017 18:07

What is the energy rating of the refrigerator ?

What do the letters?

in home appliances stores can be found stickers with Latin letters A, B, C, D, E, G. It is universally recognized symbol of energy classification, which symbolizes the degree of efficiency of each particular model.In other words, how much a particular refrigerator consumes electricity at a certain period of time (day, month).

By the principle of school marks the western system A is the highest class, and then descending.Initially, there were seven classes, but progress is not in place, and what has been sparingly used, already has averages.Today added two classes A + and A ++, where two plus the maximum mean low electricity consumption.

A few years ago, A, B, and C were the leaders of the high-tech and cost-effectiveness, but now these are the only A ++, A +, A, and to a lesser extent, while the C, D - very average, but the EG- maliciously spend precious energy.

Energy efficiency class refrigerator 1

Where are these values?

To determine how many precious kilowatts per month will use a specific refrigerator, and whether it is economically, calculations are carried out on the basis of indicators of the volume of the device's camera, as well as the minimum temperature, which may be in them.Plus on the energy rating of the refrigerator affect additional functions, if they exist (automatic defrost, TV, ice maker, etc.).The best possible grade for refrigerators - the highest A ++, however, electricity consumption (kWh) per month will be valid and A +, and A and B classes.

The class of refrigerator energy consumption 2

Why pay more?

Over the past 15 years the number of customers opting for expensive elektroekonomichnye refrigerators Class A has increased by approximately 15%, while the class was in refrigerators buyers almost as less.The only lower energy level - Class C - risks in the years to completely disappear from the world market.

If in practice the savings comes insignificant, then why there is such an increase in sales?Especially because in the polls shows that the people who buy expensive equipment, as a rule, are completely satisfied with it.First, the psychological aspect: expensive thing - a good thing.Second, the cause-and-effect relationship: if the company started to deal not so much the need to reduce energy consumption, then everything else has improved.And thirdly, such new technologies are usually really reward the best known technique.

Energy efficiency class refrigerator 3
overpay for the refrigerator energy efficiency class or not - a matter of personal preference.At the moment, the two highest classes (A and B) are perfect for everyday life.