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August 12, 2017 18:07

Mural for the hall - a non-trivial approach

wallpaper for the room with the master point of view

Steels you own residential square meters for a long time or have acquired them only that, pay attention to the design of the room is never too late.In particular, pay attention to the walls.Even if they are not very smooth, and the smoothness of their highly questionable, you can provide them with a truly royal coverage by purchasing wallpapers.Not all, of course.Many inexpensive options on the walls will look to put it mildly, sadly, because of the dull colors and boring images.

quite common when pasting halls so-called zoning , when a section of the wall is covered with photo wallpapers, stand out from the general decor of the room.These peculiar zone can be created out of necessity as a backdrop for the plasma television or, for example, to create a recreation area.As background in the presence of a big TV panel diagonal Mural best to choose dark, ideally - in the space theme, or simply a night landscape.Footage favorite movies on the background scattering of stars will look very organic.Zoning corner for relaxation, where you can set the coffee or the coffee table with a pair of light wicker chairs or soft solid set, creates bright wallpaper with beautiful scenery on the beach or with local rural views.

design rooms with photo wallpapers - ways

zoning Take for example all the same version of a plasma panel.Papered the wall, next to which there is (or is suspended) TV - not the best solution.Imagine - the hall is decorated with wallpaper with imitation gold embossing and suddenly one of the walls is completely black, even studded with stars, emerging in the nebulae and galaxies.Agree, such dissonance is excessive.Ideal - panels can even be framed in a baguette, which can be done in the form of a window frame or metal edging spaceship window.But this is a fantasy on the theme, you're free to do with photo wallpapers anything.

zoning There are other methods, such as a certain wrapping angle in the room.This creates the effect of a large stained-glass windows, which often can be seen on the verandas country houses.If the wallpapers on the theme of nature, you can be sure - comfort in a corner will always be felt by all, exceptions simply can not be.Another great way of zoning - pasting the walls and ceiling with photo wallpapers crosswise, so that the corners were free under the usual pasting wallpaper.Accordingly, the Mural should be neutral, and suitable for the walls and ceiling, the same sky, covered with floating clouds.You can find the wallpaper, which depicts a forest, but then you need to achieve a particular effect, pasted on the ceiling wallpaper with leaves to create the illusion of interlocking crowns you.Thus, in each corner may be formed separate zone, and without any special purpose.And if all the angles of different wallpaper paste over, you get a very cheerful decoration of the hall.

interior room with photo wallpapers, what keeps the world

material is of great importance when pasting the walls, dictating a particular way to her.For example, a glued paper Mural room as conventional, simple wallpaper paste.But there are many other foundations - non-woven fabrics, vinyl, synthetic fabric.Each of these options requires a special approach, and pre-finishing, for example, plaster walls under the wallpaper should be made to last.Thus, fabric wallpapers, usually sold one canvas, which is why they are very difficult to stick.However, a method of pasting the walls of such photo wallpapers pretty standard - first applied to the upper edge of the wall, after which the web is gently smoothed.Here's the start of complexity, because the fabric is very easily covered by folds.

smoothes fabric wallpapers follows gradually, along the tracks, gradually going down.Use the best roller or soft brush.

Fleece wallpapers may be marketed as whole cloth (if the image is relatively small), and sliced ​​rectangles for large-scale images.And in fact, and in another case, finishing is carried out by coating the wall with glue, fabric is greased entirely optional.With vinyl wallpaper should be treated with extreme caution, since the deposition on a substrate is held not very durable and can easily crumble.Smoothes soft roller is recommended, but not with a brush and cut-matter.

choose the best wallpapers of the individual elements, it will be easier to work, but also errors can happen, the whole canvas, if paste it without wrinkles, give a perfect picture on the wall.