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August 12, 2017 18:07

The more attractive as a mosaic wall tiles for the bathroom ?

whether considered as a mosaic tile for the bathroom?

Even in ancient times the walls of palaces and homes of the rich (and sometimes tombs) laid into small cubes of marble.In the Middle Ages, stone was replaced by glass, which was considered a special luxury because of the complexity of that material at that time.And in any of these eras called tesserae cubes, it does not matter, they were marble or glazes (so called colored glass), today these elements are called chips.In other words, as the mosaic tiles for the bathroom, it would seem, can not be classified.However, given the fact that today the tesserae is often made of ceramics, something akin to the tiles they have.

However, not always the mosaic elements made of baked clay, glass material has become very affordable and widely used for wall cladding.This material is produced as a large-format glass tile, as well as small parts for mosaics, almost unchanged over the past century.And to create a unique design such tesserae definitely help, especially if you do not acquire the typical sets, and ordered the production of the individual project.

Mosaic tiles for the bathroom as a base decor

Many owners when they hear about this option, as the mosaic tiles for the bathroom, imagine a pile of glass or ceramic squares in which you need to seek out the right chip and install proper place incomposition.In fact, everything is much easier.The complete set has the detailed instruction with a picture that should get in the end. For convenience, a set is not fragmented tiles, bathroom tiles sold pasted on cardboard modules of approximately 30x30 cm (variants are possible depending on the chips) .

To obtain the final image, the modules are glued to the wall according to the instructions until you get the final image.However, if there is a certain vocation for the fine arts, you can try to create something of their own, it is enough to buy a small tile and hand-paint it in different acrylic paints, you can then create your own pattern or patterns.For starters, you can decorate a niche in the wall, or put a belt around the wall built in the mirror.

tile for the bathroom, mosaic in the form of panels and ornaments

So, you have a complete set of chips to produce lining in the form of panels or any pattern.Tessera recruited into modules, those are stacks, ready to be glued to the wall.It remains only to determine the adhesive.You do not fit the one that is stuck ordinary tiles for the bathroom, mosaic requires a strong bond. usual adhesive for tiles withstand a load of 14 to 15 kilograms per square centimeter, we also need to have installation of safety margin in the range of 20 to 28 kilograms per square centimeter .

Glass mosaic can be mounted on any solid surface including concrete, metal and plaster, for mounting on wood, do not use water-based glue.

best result at the wall mosaic chips give a glue as liquid nails.Just take the first module (it is better to fix the blocks in order), applied with a special gun to each tesserae few drops of glue and apply to the wall.Carefully pressing and holding for a minute, you can let go and take the next module.If you do not have glass chips, and bathroom tiling mosaics, it consists of separate plates, each of which has a groove grid with simulated grout, creating the illusion of Tessera in the picture fragments.These modules are even easier to glue, fewer fixing points.