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August 12, 2017 18:07

Thermal insulation of loggia - expanding your apartment wisely

Warming balconies with their hands and other works on the transformation of usable area

Balcony - is advocating for the perimeter of the building floor deck beams, on three sides enclosed by a parapet.Loggia is called a niche in the wall of the building, which has two main walls, floor, ceiling, and only on one side (or sometimes two) enclosed with fencing.As you can see, the structural differences are quite significant.

some detail tells about how to perform a warming of the loggia step-by-step videos, in an accessible format available on the website.Our task is to present everything in a step by step instructions that when working will always be at your fingertips.

quite obvious that the qualitative transformation of the loggia - this is the cheapest way to expand living space in your apartment, as this room is transformed into a separate small room after certain operations.However, be aware that it is necessary to provide a source of heat, as heat-insulating materials by themselves do not generate heat.

Housing Code prohibits stand on the balcony central heating pipes, which makes think about alternative sources, such as various types of electric heaters: convectors, oil radiators, electric fireplaces.It is very reasonable to the decision to equip the loggia on the floor with electric heating.

Wall insulation loggia - materials and stages of

Insulationworks loggia start with its glazing.Because we need to ensure not only protection from dust and precipitation, but also to create a reliable barrier leakage of heat, dwell on PVC windows with 3-chamber windows.After glazing to be the main task - wall insulation loggia.

most reliable and popular today insulation material is polystyrene.Lightweight, treatable, chemically aggressive and resistant to moisture, it is at a very low coefficient of thermal conductivity is equally well suited for insulation of walls and ceiling and floor loggia.We need sheets of 5 cm thick.

In addition, take care of the acquisition penofol 1 cm thick. This insulation made of polyethylene foam and aluminum foil.The technology involves the use of its combined use with polystyrene foam.Available material in roll form.

addition to insulating materials, we need: foil tape, foam, wood beams 20 × 50 mm, water-resistant plywood thickness of 1.8-2 cm, nails, dowels, hammer and drill.

Warming of the floor on the balcony, and further work

Works will start with the release of the walls and floor of the old coating, and then proceed directly to the insulation.For fixing styrofoam walls loggia drill holes for dowels.Nailed sheets should be on the perimeter and in the center.

then carefully with foam sealing joints of sheets and leave for one day.During this time, the entire structure finally "find their place" pressurized drying foam.On top of the first layer of insulation we put the second.This time it will penofol, which is sure to be laid foil inside the premises.

Installation conduct butt, avoiding overlaps.All joints sizing aluminum tape, remembering that the thoroughness of this operation, the ability to lodge resist heat loss depends on many things.

Finally, find out how to make insulation floor balconies with their hands.To begin with crate of produce harvested timber, the space between the insulation sheets which are stacked, and the top Shots waterproof plywood.

After warming of the loggia floor is finished, the ceiling and walls also do lathing for attaching a finishing material.After placing it lined floor covering selected, which may be a carpet, linoleum and others. Depend it can even from the rest of the interior adjoining room.