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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to make a house for the well with the roof with his hands - instructions with drawings

domik_ When settling such a widespread source of water supply for stand-alone as well, be sure to mount guard.And not only the perimeter, but from above.The best option is the construction of a well in a house rather than just a light canopy or picket.To better understand the construction technology, should clarify the role played by this structure.

leave design issues, transformation of the site, and the like in the side.Consider a functional purpose in terms of pure practicality.

House provides protection against:

  • falling into the water of dust, dirt, debris, insects;
  • formation on the surface of ice at low temperatures;
  • people fall in the mine (for families with kids more than actually);
  • negative impact of rainfall on the elements of the upper part of the well;
  • sunlight, due to which the water rapidly evolving microorganisms, and it "blooms".

turns out that if a well is used only for technical purposes (for example, irrigation areas), even in this case it should be "cover".At least in order to deal with a less difficult work, like cleaning the shaft.

can buy a finished product and install it at the place of their own.But the simplest model, which, in fact, not a house, but a kind of canopy, will cost between 10 000 - 12 000 rubles.

house - 2_ Given all the disadvantages of cheap options, it is better to build a house with his own hands, on their own drawings.Here with how to do it correctly, we will understand.There are many options, so consider the easiest in terms of the implementation of its own and is available on the final cost of the project.

choice of materials

What problems solves the house, it is written above.From the point of view not only cheap, but also rather collect sufficient insulation structure of wood.This in itself is a good insulator, and if necessary an additional layer, it is easy to mount the appropriate kinds of inexpensive products.

Separately worth to stay on the basis of future construction.The articles on this topic are recommended materials such as brick, stone, concrete products (for example, beams).Yes, it is quite reliable and, most importantly, long-lasting foundation.But the question is - how to fix the wooden structure it?It is necessary to carry out a number of additional activities, and possibly with the concrete drilling and pre-installation of fastening elements (masonry).

The problem can be simplified by using bar.It is only necessary to prepare properly - dry, treat the purchased special / composition of decay or working off engine oil, hot tar.This is preferable in terms of repair and - replacing (if necessary) in any of the workpieces "tape" trouble even without experience in humans causes.

Construction foundation

Having defined the shape and parameters of the linear house, you should mark the area around the log.To mount the base, it is necessary to prepare a "pit".

Along the perimeter of the well dug trench bottom is compacted.At what depth excavate?Beam must lie below ground level (for stability), about 50 mm.Plus - the "cushion" (to compensate for movements of the soil), and this is about 150 mm.

The removal of land should not be held in close proximity to the walls of the well, it may damage the waterproofing and insulation.It is necessary to provide even at the stage of drawing house.

After sealing land is filled ASG (or river sand, coarse), and this layer is also sealed.At this point, a good sandy base abundantly shed water (sand and tamp prosyadet).

trench covered with waterproofing material.


What to consider

service life of roofing material, so even on the damp ground, as a rule, does not exceed 3 years.Therefore, it is more expedient to use the film p / e (only thick).It is worth it inexpensive, and bending (as it will have to tuck) is much better.On

prepared "bed" made of lumber stacked blanks.Secure them easy - staples, metal plates.Further, in order to fix them securely in place and eliminate the risk of displacement, is possible at the end parts on both sides, to drive into the ground pieces of rebar (previously wrapped tape).

Such technology is not complicated, and the time it will take a little bit.But in material terms - virtually free option.No cement, brick and the like.

house assembly

What should we eventually get?That's one of the easiest options for the well house:


Nothing complicated, in principle, no.The entire structure can be divided into two main parts - the "wall" (sidewall) and superstructure.A man who knows how to deal with a saw and hammer in detail to explain anything (let alone taught) is not necessary.Therefore we note only features.

What to look

  • All wood should be as timber for the foundation, well prepared (through dry, soaked).
  • walls of the house can be built out of lumber or blanks (optimal cross-section - 100 x 50), or framing method, sheathing board on the rack "20".Then, and additional insulation is not needed.For
  • superstructure as bearing elements is preferable to use a square beam profile at "50".


  • Given that the goal in the recruitment process in a bucket of water to create dynamic load on the rack, they must be secured particularly reliably.Here will be useful and staples and corners, and plates.
  • Optimal timber section at the gates - 20 mm .Thicker hamper the rise-filled buckets.For in-service tree is collapsed (cracks over time is inevitable), on the circumference of the sample amplified with metal buckles on the edges and in the vicinity of the center point (tape, wire).
  • Training logs for operation is drilling out the axial holes, which are to strengthen the slices overlap (and fixed) plate lugs.They are inserted into a thin tube pieces, with one end - in the form of a lever.Metal parts are easy to connect by welding.In the center, to secure the circuit, hook or ring.

the gate - to - kolodtsa_


What should I do?If necessary, further warmed, then mount the roof.Leave board roof "naked" is hardly worth considering rainfall.In order not to create an additional load on the structure, it is possible to fix the metal sheets or polycarbonate.

overhang of the roof must be such that the water flowing from the roof fell beyond the perimeter of the foundation.Then the walls of the house practically do not get wet.

Everything else - at the discretion of the owner.What exactly do the door, what compounds the design process - paint, varnish - to recommend something concrete does not make sense.Except one.Dimensions, house shape, its external appearance - it all depends entirely on the imagination of the master.Therefore, you do not need someone to blindly copy.What is like this and you need to collect.The main thing that was durable and desirable, beautiful.