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August 12, 2017 18:07

The bedroom in the attic - rest and sleep under the blanket of the sky

bedroom in the attic - especially the layout and placement of the major pieces of furniture

Properly executed attic bedroom design make this room a real island of luxury, comfort and luxury.However, the choice of a particular style of design depends on the layout and floor space.For a better understanding of the issue it should be recalled that the mansard roof of a country house can be pent, gabled or hipped.

Furthermore, it may have a conical shape, a pyramid or the dome.Thus, in your attic may be missing ceiling (gable roof), or not entirely present in the standard form, the wall may have a very different angle.All these design features a dwelling house "steal" the free area of ​​the attic, so its arrangement should be treated as much as possible correctly.

It is likely that the presence of one or gable roof, you will encounter the problem of accommodation in a bedroom wardrobe.In this case, the design of the bedroom in the attic can be refined with the help of a small rigid screens isolate yourself space.Behind this screen it is possible to place the linen basket nailed to a wall hanger or put a few boxes for storing things.

If the attic area allows, with the help of drywall partitions can be separated area to create an entire wardrobe.And again, at your disposal are numerous drawers, hangers, hooks, mini-dresser.Unfortunately, from a full wardrobe will have to give.But if it has at least one wall is high enough, it chose the modular wardrobe.In this case, you will be able to decorate the bedroom compact but functional piece of furniture.

Quality design bedroom loft-style involves compulsory registration window location in the room.Most often, one window, but it has a non-standard dimensions and far superior to the standard openings.

Slightly less common attic with several windows - in this case to design the interior is somewhat more complicated.The optimal placement of the center of your bedroom - the bed - is its setting in front of a window or a headboard for him.In the first case, you will be able to admire the floats in the sky with clouds or the mysterious flickering stars, and in the second - will be able to read your favorite books, not getting out of bed without any problems.Moreover, the sunlight will not hit in the eye, do not always have the same will be omitted blackout curtains?

bedroom in the attic - choose style interior

At your disposal a whole palette of styles up to the ultra-modern high-tech.Suffice it to choose the right colors and materials finishing.However, there are some nuances.For example, you prefer the classic bedroom with a massive and luxurious furnishings, rich finish and heavy curtains.Firstly, it is necessary to consider that in a small attic massive furniture will look out of place, but the room itself is more like a warehouse of expensive furniture.

Second, heavy curtains will prevent the penetration of the bedroom much needed sunlight.Thus, if you chose the style of "classic", that is to give up the surplus of accessories and furniture.The same applies to other styles - you need to correlate them with the characteristics of the design features of the room.

Attic - is a room that is located closest to the blue sky, the warm sun and the birds singing.That is why the design of the bedroom in the attic should be different particular ease.This can be achieved, if we abandon the heavy fabrics, dark, depressing tones, solid furniture, decor surplus.To achieve this goal the following ideal interior styles:

  • rustic yet elegant in its simplicity, "country";
  • reminiscent of a distant French "Provence";
  • airy and extremely delicate "novelistic" style;
  • «sea" - will enjoy;
  • concise and calm "Japanese";
  • stern but likable "minimalism";
  • modern "pop art";
  • breath of antiquity - "vintage" and others.

design attic bedrooms - a sound approach to the decoration of the room

course, choose colors interior bedroom, mentally "place" in her furniture and decide on the design style - it is more than half the cases, but do not forgeton the finish.It plays a big role, because, in essence, just trimmed the room - it's a blank canvas on which you can draw anything. So attic bedrooms are beginning to issue from the walls.The lighter tone finish, the room will look more spacious and wide.

Depending on the style solutions you can use regular wallpaper, paintable wallpaper, plaster, quality Lining of light wood, ordinary paint.It is noteworthy that the wooden battens at any time can be dyed and suddenly change the look of the room.Against the background of the walls will look great furniture for 2-3 shades darker.

original solution is the design of one of the walls is not monochromatic and color wallpaper, for example, a flower or a floral ornament.This will make the interior of the attic bedroom more original and individual, will make a profitable focus.

So, against this wall can be placed only one bed and a diverse decor - figurines, vases, plants, shelves with photographs, paintings, etc.Experts recommend to abandon the too dark colors in the decoration of the walls, especially if the roof is pitched.Otherwise, you will experience a kind of pressure walls and psychological discomfort - will create a feeling that you are in a small box.This does not always save even well-designed lighting.

If you are missing the bright or dark colors, try to make up for this shortage of accessories, textiles.A particularly good solution is to place in the light of several bright interior and large items.So, in a blue and white bedroom will look favorably orange or green carpet, a large picture in the same color scheme.

special attention to the design of the ceiling, if it is, of course, there is.The most common option is the use of its registration lining of wood. Less commonly used plastic lining, but its drawback is the inability to "breathe", which is extremely important if the attic is made of wood, for example, from a bar.In addition, the ceiling can be painted or wallpapered.Cases when placed under the roof of wooden beams.

Do not be sad because of their availability, it is best to beat them competently.One option is to cover the beams dark varnish, then they will be beneficial to stand out against the bright room and will be an attractive accent.Designers recommend to combine the beams with dark wood furnishings of dark rocks.Almost ideal option in this case would be the interior of a bedroom in the attic in the "country" style.

As for the flooring, the more often it's the same wood - floor board or parquet.Is due to the fact that the floor should be combined with the finish of the walls, that is to have about the same color or shade.If you get this wrong, the light wood floor - the optimal solution, because it does not distract attention from the bright accents, decor and overall style decision.Thus, the design of the bedroom in the attic - a fascinating process that requires careful approach, the flight of imagination and a certain amount of financial expenses.But how can you save on your own comfort?