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August 12, 2017 18:05

How to choose a self-leveling laser level - practical tips

Everyone at least once, but be sure to come across if not with the construction, then at least with the repair of any objects (buildings).One of the stages of the work is always the preparation of foundations, and the list of activities includes leveling the surface.How it is troublesome and difficult, it is not necessary to speak.

level But that's not the point.All kinds of pitches, rack, weights and strings do not provide adequate precision.And any error directly affects the quality of the work performed.The second drawback of the use of available tools - the complexity (and sometimes impossible) to use them in large areas or remote areas.Laser level such deficiencies has not, and lets you do the layout in all conditions.

A variety of such products is a self-leveling laser level.What are its characteristics?After the pre-alignment all the settings are made automatically (hence the name).In principle, nothing complicated in the construction laser levels not, but should pay attention to a few points before buying the device.

Temperature application

Each model - its characteristics.We need to focus on is where it is supposed to use a level.Since all advance into account is impossible, then it is advisable to choose such a device, to him it was possible to work not only indoors, but also outside it, even in winter.If we spend the money, then it is advisable to buy a laser for use in any situation.

range beam

Again - to work on any areas of the device purchased?Range Limits - from a few (10 - 20) to hundred (250 - 300) meters.But the linear dimensions of the plots of land (whether or cottage house territory), as a rule, does not exceed 40 - 50 m Here from it and have to come, because the higher the laser power, the more expensive it is..

Device Type

Rotary - leveling - laser-levels Self-leveling models are electronic or pendulum.The first have a high precision, but also their price higher.Pendulum also do not give significant errors, but after a certain time (about 20 minutes) are disabled, and they need to be again "let" in a job that is not always convenient. But they are much less expensive and for domestic purposes is quite suitable .The most expensive model - mixed type (manual + automatic control).But this is more for professional use.

type label

Ray or point.More versatile model - radiation, as they allow you to make not only the layout area, and trace levels.

levels allow Rotary project, except verticals and horizontals, and even plane at an angle.They can work even in bright light in the house and on the street.But the price for such lasers is much higher.


From the network, battery or battery "pencil" type?The latter option is preferable, since the batteries are inexpensive, and replace them with - a matter of minutes.With the battery difficult, not only because it will always have to be recharged.Not all types of products suitable for long-term storage (and in fact the level of everyday life, we do not use every day).It is necessary also to select the appropriate battery, systematically monitor its condition.For occasional use of laser level is quite troublesome.

laser level

beam color

For some, it does not matter, but in daylight green "thread" of the laser can be seen better than red.


In some models, if not installed (deviation from horizontal) radiation is intermittent (flashing beam).

tripod design

check not only working properly but also the matching landing nests fastening device elements (if a tripod optional).

Bosch PTsL20-2_enl

Security Level

In terms of impact on the retina of the eye should be guided by a model of the 2nd class.

There is a number of parameters which characterize laser levels.But they have no fundamental significance for domestic use of the device.Among manufacturers, whose products are reliable and of high quality, can be put on the first position brands such as «Bosch» , «Matrix» , «Condtro» , «Robotoolz RT» .Although the sale has a number of other models that deserve no less attention.

Considering the huge range of laser levels, you need to first determine the purpose for which the device is purchased and how often it will be used.


Boche It depends on the characteristics and, therefore, the specific model capabilities.simple price starts from about 3 900 rubles.

«Bosch» (seriyaPCL) - made in Germany.The simplest laser with a range of not more than 10 m;battery operated, self-leveling at deviations from the horizontal not more than 40.

Price - 4180 rubles.

«ADA» - Chinese double-beam model with a sweep angle in 1000. Weight - 240 g, the presence of an audio signal.The package includes a tripod, storage case, glasses and batteries.

Price - 6850 rubles.

«CONDTROL» (XLiner Combo series) - a more powerful laser level.Range - up to 50 m, the projection in 2 planes.The instrument comprises three transmitter that allows you to use this model for the work of any complexity.

price - 13,655 rubles.