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August 12, 2017 18:05

Choosing a good screwdriver for home - especially the instrument for which you need to pay attention

To solve the problem of choosing a good screwdriver for home use, it is necessary, first, to know what kind of tool?Probably, there will be a big mistake to claim that a fairly large number of people, the word "screwdriver" is associated with banal tightening screws.And that's when it will be clear "first", then it will have to understand, and secondly - and what is it good for me?Only then we can make the right choices in every respect a suitable model.

What are screwing

As virtually any power tool, screwdrivers are professional and "to the house, for the family."Naturally, in contrast, not only the price, the price is secondary.They differ as the characteristics and "set" the various functions.

This tool is a so-called "torque-drilling".Therefore, it can be used:

  • tie;
  • turn;
  • drill.

Any man knows what it is - with the help of a screwdriver, for example, to fasten around the home plastic moldings?Or assemble furniture.Who's doing it himself, and not just watching, he knows how it's long and "boring".And quite often it turns out that a screw screwed "askew", because to maintain a strictly vertical position of the screwdriver is much more difficult than the screwdriver.Plus - as a rule, some screws in the process of screwing - unscrewing flared head.And you have to start all over again - worn fingers and spent nerves.

Screwdriver - to - home - 2

Very often it interferes with the dismantling anything.Has anyone tried, "as it is" - turn rusty screw, especially small and remembers all the "happy moments" of such "pleasure".Screwdriver this task much easier.It can also perform other "work" - with the help of this tool you can drill the material is not worse than an electric drill.

How to choose the appropriate model screwdriver

Screwing by the method of "food" are available in two types: powered from the mains (socket) and autonomous voltage source (battery).Naturally, constantly lying on the floor a few wire prevents operation if it is carried out not in one place, and the "territory".Furthermore, the carrying height and the radius determines the "working zone".

In terms of independence from the power supply preferably rechargeable model.Manufacturers offer four types of batteries.When you select should ask them these options:

  • voltage;
  • battery capacity.From the "power" battery depends on what kind of "work" tool can be executed.For domestic use is fine about 2 A / h;
  • charging time.Batteries are usually - two.One provides a work tool, the second - is charged.This time with different types of batteries in the range of 15 to 45 minutes;
  • how best to store between uses (if there is memory to charge or not).Should be guided on how often screwdriver will be used;
  • sizes;
  • battery weight;
  • guaranteed number of hours of work.
  • torque.It defines the "strength" of the tool.For "home" is sufficient in the range of 30 Nm.
  • speed.For the household needs of 500 rev / min is more than enough (for domestic models, it is in the range of 300 - 1300).

Screwdriver - to - home - 1

There are some additional features, which also need to know.

  • pulse mode.A very useful feature when loosening fasteners to poorly;
  • presence of the striking mechanism.If drilling materials such as concrete, bricks, it is very useful;
  • have several speeds.It is clear that drilling and screwing - to turn out at the same speed will not work;
  • some manufacturers produce screwdrivers with illumination.It is much easier to work in dark places where it is impossible to arrange additional lighting.

Now that we have as much useful information as possible and make the right choice.But consultation with a "knowledgeable" person or an expert in the shop tools never hurts, and, in any case, you will know what to ask him.