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August 12, 2017 18:06

How to choose a detergent cleaner - analysis of all its functions and qualities

washing vacuum cleaner on the market today are well represented model not just vacuum cleaners, and even with cleaning function.About these wonderful instruments it relates not only advertising, but also a popular rumor.Although people's opinions are mixed - some of them in delight, someone believes that the money spent in vain.And yet, is it worth to buy such models, they are better than the "ordinary" household appliances, and how to choose a good vacuum cleaning?Try to understand.

Cleaning vacuums have, incidentally, is not such a large number of "services" that are not conventional products.By the way, a set of additional functions depending on the model.What can be noted:

  • ability to "collect" spilled water on the floor.It is useful, especially if he has a soft "finish" coating.In this case, the cloth will not help, because the liquid has time to soak in part, and a vacuum cleaner is really irreplaceable.But does this often happen?
  • beep the lack of water in the tank;
  • separate filter, designed to collect long villi.It is worth to pay attention to those owners who keep pets;
  • a simplified regulation of water supply;
  • appliances for cleaning glasses.


But whether these services are so necessary in the course of regular cleaning?Polls among housewives show that basically they are interested in two things:

  • how good will "suck" the vacuum cleaner?Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to power.Do not confuse consumption and "suction".enough that these quality indicators for collecting dust were between 1.5 and 0.3 kW (or higher), respectively;
  • easy to use unit.This mainly refers to the ability to adjust the suction power and configurations of nozzles.

Does it even need a vacuum cleaner just such a - "cleaning"?Analysis of opinions of those who have already purchased and enjoyed this kind of household appliance, shows that the vast majority of the owners of this miracle technology cleaning function is rarely used, the strength - once every six months.

principle In addition, detergents models except the many undoubted advantages, there are a significant disadvantage - after each use need to produce a partial dismantling of the product, thoroughly wash, wipe and dry the individual components, such as container, filters.By the way, the latter are made of foam, and thoroughly cleaned, with the brush - an additional problem.By the way, the robot cleaner is beneficial from them are different in this regard.

The fact that there is such a conventional dust collector, bag in a wet vacuum.This increases the need for time to carry out cleaning is due to the following maintenance instructions.Moreover, it is required to carry out whatever use the "sinks" or not, because in any event before the inclusion of a special tank vehicle is required to pour water, which, after penetrating into the dust turns into dirty slush.


Vacuum Cleaner it is advisable to purchase in cases of:

  • acces presence in the house a large number of carpets, rugs, carpet tracks;
  • if the "finishing" floor covering needs daily cleaning.The use of this cleaner will greatly facilitate the work of the hostess if it is difficult to use the traditional "tool" - duster and mop.Although the quality of cleaning in "difficult" areas (corners, niches and so on) - is questionable.

Before you buy a particular model, you should objectively evaluate which of its functions really need.After some "operations", which are usually held not so often, and you can do manually.It had somehow managed without vacuum cleaners in general, and in the homes of our ancestors were at least clean.

Such an instrument more suitable for large buildings, including public and private, in several floors and numerous rooms, cleaning which is engaged in technical staff (hired a maid).It is understood that only one squeegee with a rag and a broom, he (she) is unlikely to be able to maintain order at the appropriate level.

to subsequently pay for postage or parts, you need to make sure that in your village there are appropriate service center, not just a licensed and authorized, that is, which is the official representative of the manufacturer in the region.

And finally, the last.The range of vacuum cleaners washing large - «Philips», «Bissell», «Karcher», «Thomas» and others.If resources permit, it is best in the apartment (private house) have 2 vacuum cleaner.Common unit - for regular cleaning and washing - for the general.Those who are in the house keeping of pets, such as parrots, you know how often you need to clean the floor with uneaten food.And include a couple of minutes for washing vacuum cleaner operation, and then another, and wash himself - hardly advisable.