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August 12, 2017 18:08

Putty oil- adhesive - cheap and cheerful

oil filler - start acquaintance

By its consistency this putty - a pasty mass, it is easy to be applied with a spatula on the surface of a layer thickness of 2 mm in 1-2 sets.Produced oily mixture of linseed putty, acrylates, water, plasticizers and additives.This is a relatively inexpensive building material.

Previously, this type of filler has been very popular due to its technical characteristics: durability, ductility, ease of handling cleaning materials, as well as by rapid drying on the surface.In carrying out repair work in the old buildings under several layers of paint, you can always find the putty.

This putty is widely used in the implementation of finishing and repair work to align the walls and ceilings.With the oil filler is very convenient and fast, you can seal the small holes, holes, cracks and chips on the surface is prepared.It can be used for work on concrete, stone and wood bases.

Before applying this type of filler to improve adhesion the surface should be plastered and primed.And when working on old coatings (eg oil paint) have to make a tough sanding surface.

Secrets oil filler

There are several kinds of oil-adhesive filler: fire - and explosion, increased white plaster, etc.The main advantages of the oil filler is the low price and ease of use.Manufacturers of this type of filler and position it as an environmentally safe and hygienically clean.

But with all the merits of the oil filler has its drawbacks.The main drawback oil-adhesive putty - it's a bad compatibility with finishing materials, based on which there is no oil component.

When using the oil filler is required to give it to dry completely, and then primed, otherwise after finishing finishing material may bleed or oil stains occur pronounced uneven gloss painted surfaces.

Work with the filler of this type is simple and nice.The term is completely dry for about a day, after which the treated surface is polished construction grater or sandpaper to form a strong and durable surface.Use the putty is only necessary when carrying out internal repair and construction works.

Oil-adhesive plaster - principles of

Before applying the oil filler necessary to the entire surface to be further Shpatlevanie, cleaned from dust, dirt and grease.If the old paint peels off, it should be removed.Desirably basis primed to improve adhesion.

To finish shpatlevanija need a spatula drill with paddle "mixer", construction grater or fine sandpaper.Since the oil-adhesive putty sold ready for use, before applying them only need to mix thoroughly.

Apply necessary trowel, layer thickness should not exceed 2 mm.Manufacturers do not recommend working with this type of putty at a temperature below 10 ° C.If necessary, a second layer of putty is applied not earlier than one day after application of the previous layer.Grinding is recommended no earlier than 8 hours after applying the topcoat.

consumption of oil-adhesive putty is about 1 kg per 1 m² surface.Depending on the thickness of the overlay layer, filler flow can vary.