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August 12, 2017 18:08

Artificial stone for interior design - interior photos .

Choose artificial stone for interior decoration

«Better than mountains can be only mountains" stated Vysotsky, whose name is fully consistent with the words of his songs, proving that there is no need.Yes, at least once been in the mountains, having put his hand to the heated stone, already on arrival home feel that something is missing.

A lacks the very small - the same warm and raduyuschego various streaks and patches of stone.And let's not even natural materials, which are quite expensive, but it is an artificial stone for interior design you can afford.So why not, let's come up with design and rasplaniruem each step finishes.

trimmed with artificial stone can be both floor and walls, the ceiling is not desirable, in order to avoid its obvalivaniya one is not perfect moment (because it is not known how the quality would be the glue).Most organic tiles made of artificial stone look on the walls, this material can also be oblitsevat ladder, giving it a unique flavor.

stone floors laid out only in some areas, for example, on the terrace or in the kitchen, and only the tiles with perfectly smooth surfaces and edges.The fact that clean the floor of textured stone is quite difficult, and even walk on it would not be very comfortable, like on the pavement.

As for rocks, which are embodied in the tile, in any store building materials, which sold such a stone, offers a huge variety of granite, marble, quartz, basalt.Moreover, you can find and decorative tiles with imitation of stone, such as malachite and turquoise, but if you want something special, such as agate, you can always make an order, nothing is impossible for modern industry.This material may be embodied and the texture of the tree, which opens quite wide possibilities for interior design.

How is laying artificial stone?

Just knowing the area of ​​the walls, and going to buy artificial stone, keep in mind that it is in the form of tiles of two types: planar and angular, the first square is measured, and the second meter.Accordingly, in the first case, the dense packing is possible, and the second due to curved faces facing rows is performed at intervals between elements.

Preparing walls is the same as for any finish - thorough cleaning, dilute primer adhesive composition, the same that will be used for cladding, instead of the primer may be coated with a metal grid wall with cells to 5 millimeters.

Handle wall sections will be approximately 2 square meters, so by this section, spread in front of him on the floor tiles to cover the relevant area (if angular elements, it is best to alternate different shape and thickness of several packages).

flatness of the tile, which is superimposed on the wall seamless method, begin to glue the bottom up, from the plinth, so that the bottom row of becoming the next pillar. When facing with styling jointing stone from the top down, with a preliminary separation wall in the bar for straightness series (seam should leave 1 cm between rows).

Try to perform a laying each tile with a slight bias towards the other, both vertically and horizontally, so that did not arise too long seams as cladding easiest boned it in neat rows.

How to glue artificial stone?

adhesive is applied to the primed surface with a thick layer, certainly when jointing method for lining perform longitudinal grooves on the adhesive mass with a notched trowel, this will increase the depth of the indentation tiles.Artificial stone is pressed into the adhesive at the same time light vibrating movements with strong pressure, starting and ending angles with the center of the decorative element.If

stone tile has a large area and thickness and is severe enough, the adhesive mass is applied not only on the wall, but also directly on the tile with the back of her hand.

If necessary, the stone has to be divided into fragments, where there is not enough halves or quarters of the tiles before laying finish.Such situations occur when a number of completion in a corner or the top or bottom of the wall.Smooth cut plane tiles provided with a hacksaw with a diamond blade or a circular saw and angular elements can break off a wide clippers.

Fancy doing a dilute water glue dry mixture should be the consistency of a viscous, semi-dry, with some grit.The sutures are coated special jointing trowel and leveled wet stiff brush.